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Drive More Business for Your Shopify Store with Snapchat Ads

Send more people to your store, boost awareness of your business, and help increase sales with the Snapchat Ads app in Shopify.

Promote Your Store on Shopify with the Snapchat Ads App

Generate new business for your Shopify store with Snapchat Ads.

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Drive New Business

Send more traffic to your Shopify store with Snapchat Ads.

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Promote from Shopify or Ads Manager

Create an ad directly from the Shopify Marketing Tab or via Snapchat Ads Manager.

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Track Performance

See how your ads are doing directly in the Shopify Marketing Tab or in Ads Manager.

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Simplified Setup

Quickly install the Snap Pixel so you can find the customers you want.

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Why Snapchat Ads?


Gen Z and Millennials have a combined $5 Trillion in spending power—and you can reach them with Snapchat Ads.²


On Snapchat you can reach a highly engaged audience who open the app nearly 40 times a day.³


People are 34% more likely to purchase a product advertised on Snapchat compared to the same ad on other platforms.⁴

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Set Up Snapchat Ads on Shopify

Follow these steps to complete your Snapchat Ads setup.

  1. Log in to your Shopify Account.

  2. Install the Snapchat Ads app from the Shopify App Store.

  3. Log in with your personal Snapchat account or create one.

  4. Connect your Snapchat Business Account or create one.

  5. Once your Business Account is connected, connect your Pixel by checking the Connect Snap Pixel box, then clicking Accept & Save Settings.

  6. Create your first ad in Snapchat Ads Manager in the Shopify Marketing Tab.

  7. Monitor your results from Ads Manager or your Shopify Marketing Tab.

Optimize Your Ad Performance with Snapchat Best Practices


Choose the ad objective that best aligns with your business goal. For example, if you're looking to drive sales, choose the Website Conversions objective with Pixel Purchases goal.


For improved targeting, we recommend installing and connecting the Snap Pixel in your Snapchat Ads app in Shopify. Your first ad should target a broad audience and send people to your online store to generate Snap Pixel activity, such as purchases.

Then, we recommend creating a custom audience using Website Events from your Snap Pixel, which uses the information generated by your Snap Pixel to find people who are more likely to take the action you want.


When creating your ads, be sure to design for mobile devices. This includes using the correct aspect ratio (9:16), adding captions for users with sound off, and capturing attention in the first 3 seconds of video ads. You can use Snap Publisher to create free videos for your campaign.

Budget and Duration

When you start your campaign, it will enter something called the "learning phase," which means our system is finding the best places and people to serve your ad. Snapchat recommends making no changes while your campaign is in the learning phase (usually 4 days) and budgeting at least $30 a day to help your campaign complete learning.

Ready to Get Started?

Create your first ad now, or download the Snapchat Ads app for Shopify to get started.

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1 Offer is only open to first-time advertisers and will appear once you've created your new Snapchat Ads account. To earn this credit, within 14 days of accepting the offer by clicking one of the offer links on this page and setting up your new Ad Account, the applicable Ad Account (i) must accrue at least the Spend amount stated in the offer (“Spend”), excluding taxes, and (ii) only for those Ad Accounts which pay for Business Services via a Payment Card or Alternative Payment Method, the payment for the Spend must have been successfully made to Snap. Credit will be applied to this Ad Account within one business day of the satisfaction of (i) and (ii) and will expire 30 days later. Credits apply to future costs of advertising inventory, excluding taxes, purchased via the Business Services on the applicable Ad Account only. Credit cannot be split across multiple Ad Accounts and is not transferable. Not redeemable for cash or cash equivalent and may not be used in combination with any other coupon or promotional offer.
2 2023 Alter Agents study commissioned by Snap Inc.
3 Snap Inc. internal data Q4 2022.
4 2022 Neuro-Insight A&U survey, commissioned by Snap Inc.