Your Snapchat Advertising Guide for Ramadan

Connecting customers to your business during Ramadan

When running Snapchat ads during the holy month it’s crucial that your campaign hits the mark with the right creative, tools, and objective. We can help.
Advertise on the #1 platform for the holy month.¹

Create. Connect. Convert.

The Right Creative
Studies show that 92% of Muslim consumers are more likely to engage with brands that understand their faith.² So keep your ads simple, short, and authentic. One clear message is more likely to encourage people to take a specific action — like swiping up or clicking through to your app.
The Right Tools
Measure the impact of your ads and optimize your campaigns with tools like Snap App ID, Mobile App Custom Audiences, and the Snapchat Ads Manager. You can even build custom dashboards to get full control of your advertising data to track your KPIs.
The Right Objective
Each stage of Ramadan requires specific objectives — like increasing app installs or boosting engagement. Once you’ve set your goal, you can target Snapchatters or exclude audiences based on your objective.
Plan for the Stages of Ramadan
From Gargee'an to Eid, we can help you create a campaign that gets results and increases downloads. Our week-by-week breakdown will support you through each stage of the holy month using actionable tips to create ads that convert.

Full Customization for Total Optimization

Ramadan is an exciting time dedicated to spirituality, prayer, and connection — full of possibilities to connect with a larger audience to increase your app downloads. With a customizable dashboard, you can set a budget, track performance, and optimize your ads based on actionable data.

Here’s a rundown of our top five optimization tactics, practically guaranteed to help you reach the right audience in the right way at the right time:

1. Start now
In 2022, the majority of Muslim consumers — 58% — said they planned to start shopping for Ramadan a month ahead³. Ramp up your campaign now to attract more customers while also keeping your costs down.
2. Stay on budget
Ramadan is unique — one of the few times people proactively search for content and ads. Which means ad spend typically increases. We recommend setting your budget somewhere between $30–50 USD per day for faster results.
3. Optimize your campaigns
Snap App ID tracks the in-app events that matter most to you and your business, like when Snapchatters add to their cart or make a purchase. You can use this data to target people most likely to become customers and drive conversion.If you still need to set up your Snap App ID, please review our in-depth Snap App ID guide for a step-by-step walkthrough.
4. Know your audience
Snapchat Audience Insights can help you learn more about your target audience —  location, demographics, interests, devices, and more. As a brand looking to increase installs, creating Mobile Custom Audiences based on your app events will help you target specific customers that are highly engaged and ready to buy. Learn how to get started on our dedicated Business Help Center page.
5. Test and learn
Unique tools — like Campaign Lab — give you complete control over your ad strategy, empowering you to track performance metrics, test your Ramadan-inspired creative, and maximize your return.

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Ramadan Kareem to you and yours.
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