Public Profiles
on Snapchat

Public Profiles provide businesses and individuals with a permanent home on Snapchat where you can be discovered publicly, grow a subscriber base, attract new customers, and sell products.

What Is a Public Profile on Snapchat?

A Public Profile is your home on Snapchat, where you can establish a customized presence to connect with new customers.

To maximize your chances of attracting Snapchat Public Profile views and interested customers, complete your Public Profile and add content regularly, including:

  • Spotlights to get discovered and build your subscriber base.

  • Public Stories to engage with your subscribers.

Save content to your Public Profile so Snapchatters can engage with it at any time.

Tip: Promote your post as an ad to get more Snapchat Public Profile views.

Create Your Public Profile

How To Create a Public Profile on Snapchat

How To Make a Public Profile for Your Business:

  1. Sign up for Snapchat using your business (or individual) information. 

  2. If you prefer, enter your business name to create a free Ad Account.

  3. Complete your Snapchat Public Profile by confirming your username, then click "Create Public Profile."

That’s it! Your Snapchat Business Public Profile is now live and searchable on Snapchat.

How To Edit Your Public Profile on Snapchat:

Open your Public Profile in the Snapchat app or at, then tap “Edit Profile.” Next:

  1. Complete your Public Profile by adding your profile picture and your bio, and choosing a business category. 

  2. Share a Snap to Spotlight: Submit a 5-60-second video post to Spotlight for a chance to go viral on Snapchat.

Create Your Public Profile

Who’s Looking at Your Public Profile

A screenshot of Public Profile Insights on Snapchat

How To See Your Snapchat Public Profile Views

Open your Public Profile, then go to the 'Insights' tab. Click on any Spotlight or Story to see its metrics.

Tip: Check your Insights regularly, then use those learnings to create more of what your audience likes. The more you post, the faster you’ll learn how to resonate.

How To See Subscribers on Your Snapchat Public Profile

The 'Insights' tab within your Public Profile also includes valuable information about your subscribers, such as your follower count.

Tip: Build your subscriber base by sharing Snaps to Spotlight regularly.

Create Your Public Profile

Spotlight Success Story: Elevenparis

Spotlight views in 2 months.

increase in Public Profile subscribers.

of new Public Profile subscribers came from Spotlight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I create a new Public Profile for my business?

You’ll want to make a new Snapchat Business Public Profile to showcase content specific to your business. Once you do, you can share ownership and management of your Business Public Profile with other people in your company who are responsible for impacting growth, such as your Social Media Manager. To create a new Public Profile for your Business, follow the steps at

As a creator, can I create another Public Profile for my business?

Yes, you can create and manage more than one Public Profile account, including a separate Snapchat Public Profile for your business. To get started, follow the steps at

Should I create a Public Profile if I don’t have a business?

Absolutely! Just like businesses, Snapchat Public Profiles for creators and other Snapchatters enable you to represent yourself on Snapchat the way you want to and to share your content. Learn more about Public Profiles for creators.

I’ve created my business Public Profile. What should I do next?
  • Start posting — Get discovered and build your subscriber base by sharing a Snap to Spotlight. Be sure to keep an eye on your engagement numbers to learn what content resonates most successfully with Snapchatters.

  • Promote your post to reach more people — You have a head start on reaching more Snapchatters as soon as you post on your Public Profile. Want to reach more people? Promote your best Snapchat posts as ads. Tip: Target your Snapchat ad campaigns based on Public Profile engagements, or connect with an audience similar to those that are already engaged by using Lookalike Audiences.

  • Continue using your public profile to identify winning posts to run as Snapchat ads — Periodically, open your Insights tab to see how your posts are performing. Then, create more of what your viewers like!

Who is eligible for a Public Profile?

Businesses and Snapchatters who are at least 18 years old. (Note that all businesses are required to have an active Public Profile.)

How are a Spotlight, a Public Story, and a Lens different?

Spotlight is a platform for discovering and watching user-generated content (UGC), Public Stories are compilations of Snaps shared publicly by users, and Lenses are AR filters that add creative and interactive elements to Snaps.