Observaciones / February 2017

How Snapchatters shop for home and pet care products

The smartphone is an essential tool when shopping for home and pet care products.

This is especially true for Snapchatters, who use their smartphones more often than non-Snapchatters to compare products and get opinions from family and friends.1

In fact, a study conducted by GfK found that the number one way people use Snapchat while shopping for home or pet care products is to send Snaps or Chats about the product they’re interested in buying. After all, sending a quick “should I buy this?” Snap to a friend is a fast and easy way to ask for advice. They also want the best for their home or pet: 42% indicated that “price is no object” — compared to only 28% of non-Snapchatters.1

Home and Pet Care
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The reasons to use Snapchat while shopping aren’t restricted to one time period or purpose, either. In fact, the top five reasons people Snap about home and pet care products cover every part of the buying process: from the moment they start thinking about buying a new item, to researching all the options they have to choose from, and, ultimately, to Snap and share the purchases they’ve made.1

Snapchatters spend money on a wide range of home and pet care products, and have unique habits when they do so. Specifically, the study found that Snapchatters are 50% more likely than non-Snapchatters to rely on friend and family recommendations for purchases in this category, and 60% more likely to make impulse purchases.1

Snapchat is quickly becoming an invaluable tool for Snapchatters who are shopping for home and pet care products. For advertisers, that means a great opportunity to reach a premium audience willing to vote with their wallets in a Snap!

  1. 2016 GfK study commissioned by Snap Inc.