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Success Story
Success Story

Wendy's used Snapchat to drive 138k incremental store visits


Snapchatters Reached


Lift in Consideration


Increase in New Visitors to Wendy's Restaurants
The Story
As the official hamburger of the NCAA, Wendy’s was looking for a way to bring their “Fresh Beef, Never Frozen” campaign into conversations happening during College Football season. Snapchat’s “Barstool 5th Year” Show was an obvious fit as a premium content partner that could make “Fresh Beef” the hero throughout the entire season. Wendy’s looked to Snapchat to drive awareness for its brand and College Football sponsorship in the most authentic way.
The Solution: Sponsorship + Snap Ads
Wendy’s was the official sponsor for the full 13 episodes of Snapchat’s “Barstool 5th Year” Show. This sponsorship included 9 episodes where there was a Wendy’s Brand Moment and 4 episodes where there was actual brand integration in each episode. Brand integrations included featuring Wendy’s products, such as hamburgers and Frosty treats, or shooting skits for the show within a branded Wendy’s tailgate footprint, averaging a 70% view rate. In addition, Wendy’s ran custom Snap Ads within each episode that included the show’s talent, Caleb Pressely. Barstool filmed the Snap Ads to ensure the ads seamlessly fit into the Show’s storyline, delivering a much more engaging experience for Snapchatters. Custom Snap Ads shot with the show’s talent drove over a full second more of view time than those ad that did not. Wendy’s also ran short form Snap Ads to drive awareness amongst adults between the ages of 18 to 34. The Snap Ads followed many creative best practices, including introducing the key message and brand within the first frame and running a diverse mix of creative. 
The Solution: Chain Filter
Wendy’s launched Chain Filters at its locations across the US. When a Snapchatter visited a participating location, they could add a Filter to their Snap and then share it with their friends. The Filters prominently displayed the Wendy’s brand and celebrated the official hamburger of the NCAA, using phrases like “#1 Beef” and “Hamburger Champ”. 
The Results
Wendy’s “Fresh Beef, Never Frozen” College Football campaign on Snapchat was successful across the entire purchase funnel, yielding a 10% lift in Message Association1 (1.9x higher than the Snap norm), 60% lift in Sponsorship Association2, 30% lift in Consideration3 (2.7x higher than the Snap norm), and ultimately drove an incremental 138 thousand visitors to its stores in the US4. Its multi-ad product approach and close collaboration with Snapchat helped the brand reach nearly 20 million Snapchatters in an authentic and memorable way. 

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