The Winning Duo of Tiffany & Co's Snapchat Campaign in the Middle East

9.5 M
Snapchatters reached in 24 hours¹

64 %
Incremental reach with the first story¹

+ 9 pts
Recall for the Tiffany & Co brand¹

+ 9 pts
Recall for the Tiffany Lock product¹

From New York to Saudi Arabia

Founded in New York in 1837, Tiffany & Co. is an international luxury leader, renowned for its innovative jewellery designs, extraordinary craftsmanship and unrivalled creativity. In the summer of 2022, the LVMH Group Maison launched the Tiffany Lock collection: 18-carat white, yellow and rose gold bracelets inspired by the brand's iconic padlocks.

The following year, Tiffany & Co. wanted to strengthen the bracelets’ position on the Saudi market, a prime target for the luxury goods sector. To achieve this, Tiffany & Co chose Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram, a well-known star in the Middle East, as its ambassador. To increase visibility and promote its range, it implemented a comprehensive and innovative strategy on Snapchat that autumn.

Target Snapchatters With a Takeover

In order to reach the largest possible audience from the start, Tiffany & Co opted for a takeover on the first day of the campaign, based on a Story, an Ad and a Lens, which featured Nancy Ajram and the product. In other words, the first Lens in the carousel was a Tiffany Lock, while the First Story to appear in the Chat or Discover tabs also featured Tiffany Locks. The Lens offered Snapchatters an immersive experience, with the Tiffany Blue Box®, the brand's packaging and a symbol of luxury and exclusivity, appearing on screen. Users were then invited to place their wrists in front of the camera to try on the various bracelet models. This powerful introduction was followed by a 6-week Snapchat campaign with skippable and non-skippable videos, Snap Ads and Commercial Ads.

The Result: Boost in Reach and Brand Recall

The takeover strategy drove incredible results among its target audience. It reached almost 10 million Snapchatters within 24 hours, with the First Story recording a 64% incremental reach. The visibility and awareness of the brand and product, supported by a powerful muse and developed over several weeks, enabled Tiffany & Co and its bracelets to make a lasting impact on the minds of potential consumers. Brand and product recall improved by 9 points.

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