She’s Birdie sees 2.4x ROAS with Snapchat


return on ad spend


lower CPM compared to other platforms


of sales from 18-24 year-olds driven by Snapchat

The Story

Birdie is a modern, personal safety alarm designed to help women feel safe and protected in everyday life. She’s Birdie is committed to creating a world where women’s safety is a given, and gives 5% of profits to their partner organizations that passionately support women’s safety, shelter, and health. The She’s Birdie team approached Snap with one main focus - to drive online purchases for their assault deterrent device.

The Solution

She’s Birdie implemented a multi-tier campaign on Snapchat to reach their target audience and drive potential customers to their website. Using user testimonial videos, Birdie launched on Snapchat with a variety of ad formats, including Video Ads, Collection Ads and Dynamic Product Ads, to showcase the benefits of their handheld device and highlight the safety and confidence their product provides to its customers.

To target Snapchatters similar to their existing customer base, She’s Birdie utilized Snapchat’s Lookalike Audience feature and further optimized for conversion by using Goal-Based Bidding. By implementing the Snap Pixel, She’s Birdie was also able to re-engage Snapchatters who have visited their website in the past and convert them into customers.

The Results

By partnering with Snapchat, She’s Birdie scaled their online business efficiently and effectively. Their strategic approach  resulted in a 41% increase in ROAS1 and a 31% lower CPM compared to other platforms.2  The combination of informative, native-style creative, strategic targeting and clear call-to-actions enabled Snapchatters to quickly understand the value proposition of the product and make a purchase directly from the Snapchat Ad, which lead to 61% of sales from 18-24 year old customers to be driven by Snapchat in Q3 2020.2

“Snapchat has been a critical channel for our growth as a young business. We’ve been able to reach a younger demographic on the platform, which we see as a core audience of our brand. In addition, the stability that Snapchat has been able to provide our brand during uncertain times has been huge for us. We are looking forward to continuing to allocate more resources towards Snapchat as it becomes an even more significant channel for our growth.”
- Richie Mashiko, Head of Growth, She's Birdie

1 Snap internal data
2 She’s Birdie internal data, Q3 2020