Roxa Shop Boosts ROAS and Cuts CPP with Snapchat Ad Pixels and CAPI

Increase in ROAS¹

Drop in CPP during Saudi National Day 2023¹

of 13-24-year-olds in MENA reached with Snapchat advertising²

A Leap Into At-Home Beauty

In the burgeoning market of Saudi Arabia, Roxa Shop has carved out a unique niche for itself. This consumer packaged goods (CPG) company offers a compelling promise: Skip the salon visits for laser hair removal by bringing the solution directly into your home. Specializing in handheld laser hair removal devices, Roxa Shop not only sells these innovative products but also educates its customers on how to use them safely and effectively.

According to Statista, the revenue in the Beauty & Personal Care market in Saudi Arabia will amount to US$5.95bn in 2024, and is projected to grow annually by 4.22% between 2024-2028.³ That growth is being driven by a generational shift through which young consumers are entering the market, and is being further propelled by greater affinities for social media, internationality, and eCommerce.³ Coupled with Saudi National Day’s propensity toward an upsurge in beauty and personal care purchases, that kind of momentum amounts to opportunity.

As Saudi National Day approached, the team at Roxa Shop set a clear goal: to expand their reach and enhance sales, focusing on women aged 20 and above across the nation.

A Stunning Move With Snapchat

Understanding the cultural and technological landscape is key to any successful marketing campaign. For Roxa Shop, this meant turning to Snapchat—a platform that grips the attention of 90% of 13-34 year-olds in the region.

With the dual objectives of achieving the lowest cost per acquisition and the highest return on ad spend (ROAS), Roxa Shop collaborated closely with Snapchat’s account team to launch a tailored ad campaign coinciding with Saudi National Day. The ads showcased real users within their target demographic engaged with the products, thus creating relatable and compelling content aimed at driving purchases.

To sharpen their strategy further, Roxa Shop implemented a pixel and conversion API, tools that enabled them to track the effectiveness of their ads and make real-time adjustments.

Transformative Results

The outcome of Roxa’s targeted campaign was nothing short of impressive. During Saudi National Day 2023, Roxa Shop observed a 63% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), a clear indicator of the campaign's success in generating value far exceeding the investment. Additionally, the cost per purchase (CPP) saw a significant 43% reduction, underscoring the efficiency and impact of the Snapchat-driven strategy.

These results highlight not only the effectiveness of well-crafted, audience-specific advertising, but also the power of leveraging the right social ad platform to achieve specific business objectives.

Roxa Shop’s journey through strategic planning, innovative advertising, and measurable outcomes serves as a sterling example for small and medium-sized businesses aiming to expand their reach and impact. Through Snapchat Ads, you can align marketing strategies with user behavior and technological trends to achieve remarkable results, even in markets as competitive as beauty and personal care.

1 Roxa Shop internal data 2023.
2 Snap Inc. internal data Q2 2022. Percentages calculated by dividing addressable reach by relevant census figures.