Snapchat Ignites Success for Product Madness

Captivating In-App Purchasers

As a trailblazing force in social gaming, Product Madness stands tall as a leader in the thrilling realm of social slots. With a resolute focus on expansion, their marketing goals soar high above the horizon - surpassing ROAS targets while ensuring a favorable CPI that doesn't break the bank. A strategic partnership with Snapchat, sets the stage for Product Madness to conquer incremental growth like never before. With a focused approach, they aim to captivate in-app purchasers who have an interest in social slot games, presenting a strategy poised to enhance the gaming experience.

Harnessing the Power of Snapchat's Custom Product Page

In a brilliant display of marketing prowess, Product Madness harnessed the power of Snapchat's Custom Product Page feature to achieve a remarkable reduction in CPIs while elevating conversion rates. By seamlessly integrating Snapchats creative dimensions and incorporating their top-performing creative and IP's into the CPP page, they ingeniously forged a cohesive user journey from advertising to download. Through a meticulously designed test on a regular iOS app install campaign, Product Madness evaluated the impact of the CPP implementation. With unwavering commitment, they analyzed results before and after applying CPP to the active creatives, refraining from altering campaign settings or refreshing creatives. The outcome of this tactical approach was nothing short of extraordinary.

Achieving Remarkable Success

Witnessing remarkable success, Snapchat's Custom Product Pages test was implemented on Product Madness' title Lightning Link Casino™, resulting in a substantial decrease in CPI when comparing data from two weeks before and after the change, and a significant budget increase. Armed with valuable insights, Product Madness seamlessly applied these learnings to enhance their other games as well.

Snapchat's Custom Product Pages have proven to be an invaluable tool for optimizing our performance. With this feature, we've found an effective way to enhance our campaigns and drive better results on the platform. It has truly made a positive impact on our marketing efforts, allowing us to reach and engage our target audience with greater efficiency.

Taiyo Bradshaw, UA Manager