15% Share Rate Surge: Preem's AR Lens Success via First Lens

Preem’s first lens share rate

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Organically driven reach for Preem’s first lens

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Fueling Fun: Preem's Baking Bonanza

Preem, the leading fuel company in Sweden, boasts a refining capacity of over 18 million m³ of crude oil annually. Their product range includes gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and renewable fuels, catering to both domestic and international markets.

As part of their Preems harnessed the potential of augmented reality (AR). On December 13, 2023, they launched their inaugural Snapchat lens, spreading festive cheer with a "Merry Christmas" message and tantalizing imagery of delightful Christmas fika, known as "God julfika."

The primary objective of this campaign was to garner a substantial number of impressions and distribute the lens to as many users as possible within a 24-hour timeframe. To achieve this, Preem opted for Snapchat's premium format for their first lens. This strategic move not only helped them reach a broad audience in Sweden but also ensured inclusivity across all genders and age groups, starting from 15 years old and above.

Baking AR Victory

The AR lens was crafted to spark enthusiasm around Preem's baking selection. Choosing a strategic day to debut the First Lens, coupled with captivating creative content, resulted in significant success in terms of share rate and earned reach for the campaign. 

Preem's promotional campaign utilized Snapchat's ad products, specifically opting for the premium format of their first lens. This AR lens presented an enticing message and imagery of mouthwatering baked goods, aligning with Preem's branding.

The selection of products was carefully curated to meet the campaign's objectives of generating extensive impressions and distributing the lens widely within a 24-hour timeframe. Utilizing Snapchat's premium format enabled Preem to reach a broad audience in Sweden while ensuring inclusivity across various demographics, targeting users aged 15 and above.

The synergy between Snapchat's premium format and the AR lens empowered Preem to effectively accomplish its goals. By tapping into Snapchat's vast user base and leveraging engaging AR technology, they crafted a memorable and impactful campaign that reached a large audience and effectively promoted their message and products.

AR Lens Sets New Standards

Preem experienced remarkable outcomes with the First Lens solution, achieving an impressive share rate of over 15%. They surpassed expectations in terms of reach by crafting a shareable lens, which organically contributed to 37,5% of the total reach, ultimately reaching over 852 000  people within a single day. A significant takeaway from this success is the potency of augmented reality (AR) in delivering a straightforward message using a simple concept of a Swedish Semla and Preems messaging to achieve success.

The AR lens was designed to generate excitement surrounding Preem's baking selection. The decision to secure a First Lens on a strategically designated day, combined with the compelling creative, led to significant achievement in terms of share rate and earned reach for the campaign.

Linn Svahnström, Specialist Social Media Planner at Scream - media agency

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