Honeycomb Cereal Sees Buzzworthy Results With Snapchat Campaign

Lift in Ad Awareness (3X CPG Benchmark)

Lift from Multi-Product Exposure¹

45.4 Sec
Average Playtime for AR Lenses²

Average Share Rate for AR Lenses³

Engaging the Gen Z Audience

What’s more nostalgic than those Saturday mornings spent devouring our favorite childhood cereals in front of our favorite cartoons? Post Consumer Brands gets it! And with their classic Honeycomb cereal, the brand wanted to inspire their audience to "Bee Big, Bee Kind, and Bee Amazing" while driving awareness of their product, maximizing reach, and reinforcing Honeycomb’s long-time mission to champion the small yet big moments in life.

Understanding that Gen Zers are both tech and mobile native — and that Snapchat is a big part of how they stay in touch with their closest friends and family — Honeycomb used the platform to offer their Gen Z audience an intuitive and engaging experience in the camera.

Encouraging Snapchatters to 'Bee' Themselves

To maximize impact and incremental reach, Honeycomb leaned into a multi-product approach for their campaign. Partnering with Snapchat, the brand created two AR Lenses that encouraged Snapchatters to get creative, act silly, and, most importantly, "bee" themselves! One Lens tapped into the organic trend and popularity of freckles overlaid onto a user's face, sprinkling honeycomb-shaped "bee-uty marks" across the nose, while the other put the user in a super-cool bee costume. Additionally, to further boost awareness, Honeycomb created a fun Filter with similar "bee amazing" messaging that Snapchatters could overlay onto their content post-capture.

The brand also collaborated with Snapchat to run two Snap Ads that paired celebrity talent with fun, playful, and inspiring messaging that reminded people: "Big moments call for big crunch." To build a connection across the campaign assets, the bee costume featured in the Snap Ads was the same one featured in the AR Lens!

Finally, Honeycomb understood the importance of leveraging specific delivery strategies to meet their goals. To maximize reach with the Gen Z audience, the campaign broadly targeted users ages 13–14 and, by using goal-based bidding to optimize for Lens shares, the campaign amplified its reach and drove stronger engagement.

Post Honeycomb AR Filter

AR Lenses, Filters, and Snap Ads Achieve Results

Honeycomb’s multi-product strategy successfully paid off for the brand, achieving impressive results — and even outperforming industry benchmarks! By including AR Lenses, Filters, and Snap Ads, the brand effectively drove campaign memorability, with a 10-point lift in overall ad awareness that outperformed the CPG category by 3x¹.

The Lenses were also a huge hit for the campaign, driving an average playtime of 45.4 seconds² and average share rate of 5.25%³!

Breaking down the directional ad awareness lift by ad product, the Lenses and Filter each drove a lift of 11 points, while the Snap Ads achieved a 10-point lift, proving the incredible impact brands can make when combining multiple products across their Snapchat campaigns³.

Another buzzworthy partnership in the books!

We were able to create an interactive Honeycomb experience that was relevant to our audience. The AR lenses were a fun component of our multi-product campaign strategy & allowed users to bee big and interact with Honeycomb in an engaging way.

Jafranee Johnson, Digital Media Strategist

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