Playbite Uses Video, Smart Targeting, and Snapchat Ads to Hit Goals

Bringing the World's Largest Arcade to Teen Gamers

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Playbite is a new, community-driven, freemium gaming platform building the world's largest arcade — a single app where people can play all kinds of fun games, hang out with their friends, and win cool prizes from their favorite brands. Using the momentum the platform was generating, Playbite wanted to bring their mobile arcade to more people (and vice versa). They knew they could reach their ideal audience of teen gamers on Snapchat — but how exactly?

Running Snapchat Ads to Reach Gen Z and Millennials

Playbite ran a campaign based on the iOS web app visits objective. With the goal of reaching gamers in their Gen Z / Millennial target audience, they chose to create and run short video ads with a direct-to-consumer (DTC) message from the app's founder and CEO, Diego Kafie. The results speak for themselves: "With the help of Snapchat," Kafie points out, "we've been able to reach our monthly active user and revenue goals every single month that we’ve been working together.

"Another benefit of the Snapchat Ads platform is that it's incredibly easy to use," he continues. "It's one of the most sophisticated yet simple dashboards I've ever seen. And it's perfect for small businesses just getting started. Their support team is also incredibly kind, professional and very generous with their time."

Engagement through Resonating with Target Audiences

Although it might seem counterintuitive, Playbite's success reiterates the fact that creating content that resonates with a business's target audience doesn’t have to be difficult or professionally produced. Authenticity is what it's all about.

"We found that the best way to engage audiences on Snapchat is to do exactly this: vertical video, human talking to a camera," Kafie explains. "Find someone who's good in front of a camera, or practice yourself, and start making videos."

Here at Playbite, we're very happy with our success on Snapchat. Playbite has been operating for over a year and has been doing really well. I would tell other businesses interested in checking this out to run — not walk — to try Snapchat Ads.