Peptalk, the French motivation app hits over 10M views in 2 months by using Spotlight for their organic strategy. 

10 million +

organic Spotlight views in 2 months

1.1 million

organic Spotlight views per week, on average


increase in subscribers


of new subscribers coming from Spotlight

The Story

PepTalk is a motivating companion, mentor, and wisdom coach app that gives the daily boost of motivation and mental toughness to stay inspired and feel better. 

Their key markets are the United States, English-speaking countries & Nordics. Their goal is to drive in-app subscriptions for their mobile app with app performance campaigns. 

As for the editorial stratum, they are focusing on their 11 personal development categories. 

Get Fit, Get Motivated, Get Happier, Get Productive, Get Healthier, Get Over It, Get Focused, Get Wealthy, Get Wiser, Get Energized, Get Spiritual.

 They seek to generate virality while educating and inspiring people who need a motivational boost in any aspect of their life.

The Solution

To generate virality and boost their public profile, they decided to post on average 5 Spotlights per week. 

Every day, they target one specific theme and they will look at different interview clips (under the mention "fair use" of copyright) of inspiring and/or divisive celebrities whose message is deep, intense, unconventional, and impactful. Once they have identified the message/theme they want to highlight, they will edit the video clip with royalty-free music and sound effects to add drama and additional intensity to the message. 

The Results

PepTalk’s short videos on Spotlight got over 10 million views in about 2 months (that’s over 1.1 million Spotlight views per week on average). Those videos drove strong interest to their Public Profile because they saw a 3.4X increase in subscribers in the same period, and 88% of the new subscribers have come from users watching their Spotlight videos.¹

Their strong results on Spotlight encouraged them to invest more on paid media by 120% since September 2022 to boost acquisition while being visible organically. Their next step would be to test profile engagement audiences on their app campaigns to take advantage of the signals they received with organic. 

"The partnership with Snapchat allows us to increase our reach to untapped audiences, specifically Gen Z, who shows a growing need for inspirational content. We did not expect to grow so quickly on Spotlight. The team's advice and best practices for Spotlight were extremely valuable. We hope to keep up the pace and become the most influential motivational media on Snapchat."

- Clément Cousin, CEO, Peptalk

1 Source: Snap Internal Data, Sep 28th - Nov 28th, 2022