Maestro Pizza's Snap Campaign: A Slice Above the Rest

CPM Decrease¹

Increase in Impressions¹

Increase in Reach¹

Increase in Clicks After Platform Bursts vs. the Same Duration Before

Increase in Add to Cart During Platform Bursts

Increase in Purchases During Platform Bursts

Unveiling Maestro Pizza's Rise

Maestro Pizza is a rapidly growing quick-service restaurant chain, established in 2013. It has gained international recognition for its exceptional service and currently operates over 140 branches in Saudi Arabia, with 9 recently added branches in the United Arab Emirates. Customers can also order through its website and app. In an effort to capitalize on its explosive growth, Maestro Pizza launched a marketing campaign in Q1 of 2024 across all online and offline channels in Saudi Arabia. The goal? To increase brand awareness and drive sales.

Snap’s Secret Sauce: A Data-Driven Delight

Snap offered a well-thought-out data-driven solution to address the advertising goals of Maestro Pizza. Their solution included a comprehensive full-funnel execution strategy that aimed to take users through the entire customer journey, from awareness to conversion.  Additionally, the platform leveraged multiple ad formats to ensure that the right message was delivered to the right audience at the right time.

To promote its product, the pizza giant utilized a combination of three advertising bursts to promote their product. The first was a platform burst, intended to create a buzz and generate interest among their target audience. This was followed by the first commercial, which showcased the features and benefits of their product. Finally, a second platform burst was launched to reinforce the message and sustain the interest generated by the first burst. They launched the sequence simultaneously with their always-on conversion campaigns to capture and convert all new audiences generated.

Savoring Success With Mouthwatering Metrics

This was the first time the team had executed multiple bursts in sequence with various ad formats, so they measured the impact on the following metrics:

  • Clicks: the number of orders increased by 8.280% during the bursts (280% after the bursts compared to the same duration before the burst.)

  • Add to Cart: the number of orders increased by 269% during the bursts (140% after the bursts compared to the same duration before the burst.)

  • Purchases: the number of orders increased by 100% during the bursts (82% after the bursts compared to the same duration before the burst.)

Across all formats, including first commercial, the results were equally impressive:

  • CPM decreased by 79% compared to the planned figure.

  • Impressions increased by 7% compared to the planned figure.

  • Reach increased by 114%.

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Jan. 29 - March 5, 2024.