Lynk & Co Surges in the UAE Market With a Splash on Snapchat!

Impressions for AR Filter in UAE

Potential Customers Reached


Lynk & Co Taps Snapchat for UAE Esports Promotion

In 2016, automobile manufactures Geely Group and Volvo Cars established Lynk & Co, an automotive brand that merges the legacy of the traditional industry with rich, innovative European design and development — all with the spirit of the modern digital age. Aiming to accelerate their entry into the UAE market, the brand reached out to Snapchat to build an engaging marketing campaign that could easily be integrated into a Counter-Strike 2 gaming event at the Lynk & Co’s BLAST esports competition for further promotion.

AR for Dynamic Marketing Campaign

To address their marketing goals, Lynk & Co leveraged several of Snapchat’s advertising solutions, including a unique AR Lens through which users were able to place a virtual Lynk & Co vehicle within their surroundings, providing Snapchatters with a dynamic and immersive experience that easily showcased the brand’s lineup of vehicles. Lynk & Co also tapped into Snapchat’s First Lens takeover solution to ensure their AR Lens was the first camera ad experience a Snapchatter would see in the Lens Carousel on a given day. Additionally, the brand opted for a Reach and Frequency campaign to ensure maximum exposure and reach.

Gaining 1.4M Impressions in UAE

By partnering with Snapchat, Lynk & Co was able to successfully gain significant user attention and garner considerable market exposure. The AR Lens earned 1.4 million impressions in the UAE, reaching 710,000 potential customers. Additionally, the campaign led to 2,221 shares, helping the brand penetrate Snapchatters social circles and conversations, gaining even more attention. Ultimately, by offering an immersive, creative way to engage with their brand, Lynk & Co’s AR Lens and overall campaign sparked curiosity and facilitated more extensive user interaction, accelerating the company’s entry into the UAE market.

We find that Snap Filters, as one of the commercial products, with their low participation threshold and captivating presentation format effectively reach our target users, facilitating our brand’s propagation through sharing.

Frida Wang, Marketing Manager at Lynk & Co