Liam & Co. Achieves 5x ROAS with Snapchat Ads


return on ad spend


higher return on ad spend compared to competitive platforms

The Story

Utah-based online fashion boutique Liam & Co. was founded to meet the needs of everyday women, busy moms and working professionals. Leveraging Shopify to power their online store, the boutique also empowers women with fashion tips, inspiration and motivation. Looking to reach a broad female audience at scale, Liam & Co. turned to Snapchat to drive sales.

The Solution: DIY Creative and The Power of the Snap Pixel

Wanting to launch ads quickly and on a budget, Liam & Co. tapped into user generated content (UCG) and testimonials from customers. The team quickly realized that their DIY-style ad creative was a perfect match for Snapchat. Leveraging UCG from brand ambassadors and shot-on-iPhone videos, their ads flow seamlessly between user stories and feel organic to their target audience. Liam & Co. found success by casting a wide net of US females 18+. This broad targeting strategy combined with a pixel purchase optimization goal allows the Snap Pixel to do the heavy lifting to serve Liam & Co’s engaging ads to the Snapchatters most likely to convert. 

The Results

Through native-to-Snapchat video creative and pixel optimization, the Liam & Co. team achieved a 5X return on ad spend - a return they have not been able to achieve elsewhere, and a 65% lift compared to competitor platforms.1 Additionally, audience insights gleaned from their Snapchat Ads Manager account allowed the team to understand which products were resonating with specific audiences via ad engagement rates. These audience insights have helped drive strategic decisions for the business including seasonal design trends by region and target audiences to be leveraged across other channels.

“Our goal is to shoot for at least 3X ROAS. Once I was able to dial in the ad set-ups and especially with utilizing video content on Snap, I was able to achieve 5X ROAS - something I haven’t been able to do on other platforms.”

- Ryan Wilson, Liam & Co. Co-Founder

1 Liam & Co internal data