Leveraging the Lens: Sneaker Brand Finds the Perfect Fit with Snapchat


Return on Ad Spend on Ad Account


Return on Ad Spend on Lens Campaign

The Story

In the world of rare sneakers, Kikikickz is on solid footing. Initially launched as a subscription-based model in May 2020, it became an e-commerce website just a few months later. This particular pivot opened the brand up to a much larger market, allowed it to offer a more affordable range, and saw it hit a monumental milestone  – 100K orders.

But it’s about more than just footwear for this French brand – it’s about community. As bonafide connoisseurs in their field, the Kikikickz team cater to people who share the same passion for sneakers as they do. And while wanting to deliver the maximum number of sneakers to the maximum number of sneaker enthusiasts, Kikikickz prioritises an authentic connection and a unique experience above all else.

And that’s where Snapchat comes in. With Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday approaching, Kikikickz partnered with Snapchat in a bid to scale and reach customers keen to capitalise on Black Friday deals and discounts. Leveraging the AR Lens, Kikikickz and Snapchat set out to prove why they’re a perfect fit.

The Solution: Leveraging the AR Lens

Already using a wide variety of creative on Snapchat to tell its story, Kikikickz made the decision to incorporate the AR Lens into its marketing strategy in France between November 20 and 30.

By implementing a multi-format strategy which included Single Video Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads and the AR Lens, the brand set out to reach a large percentage of its target audience during Black Friday Week.

Crediting Snapchat as a platform which ‘brings their brand to life’ and helps to create ‘their most authentic content’, the Kikikickz team wanted to attract new customers and engage more effectively with potential shoppers over the course of the ten-day campaign. In order to  generate as much volume as possible while maintaining profitability, Kikikickz used broad targeting to acquire users at scale and then used retargeting to generate conversion.

With an exceptionally strong B2C focus, the brand’s mission to reach, engage and cater to consumers by bringing the sneaker-shopping experience to life in their own home was seamlessly facilitated by Snap’s AR Lens.

The Results

Snapchat’s solution to leverage the AR Lens by incorporating it into Kikikickz’s existing strategy exceeded the brand’s expectations entirely. In fact, Kikikickz hit new records. 

Compared to the previous year, the brand saw a 14X Return on Ad Spend 1 across the entire ad account while the Lens campaign itself generated a 10X on Return On Ad Spend. 2

The engagement generated through the multi-format strategy led to substantial conversions during a period of customer acquisition that was deemed ‘crucial’ by Kikikickz.

"We can create our most authentic content when we collaborate with Snapchat."

- Alexander Douglas, Co-founder and Charles Goguelin, Web Director

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2 Kikikickz Internal Data 2021