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Success Story

Integrating Snapchat's Login Kit into Hily dating app drove significant lift in the number of registrations

  • 20%

    increase in registrations

  • 50%

    of acquired users were from Snapchat login

  • 1.8x

    reduction in the cost per active Snapchat user

The Story

Hily dating app is not about hot people. It’s about people that fit you best. The unique feature of the app is the usage of artificial intelligence. While most dating apps sort people by distance or appearance, Hily offers a qualitative feed for each user. Hily integrated Snapchat's Login Kit, allowing Snapchatters to link their Snapchat account to their app, thus making the sign-up process easier and faster which ultimately yielded a signficant increase in registrations.

The Solution: Snapchat Login Kit

Before Snapchat's Login integration, users had to go through a 5 steps sign-up process (first name, email, password, birth date, profile photo). Once the Snapchat login integration was active, the sign-up process was reduced to 3 steps, as users no longer had to fill in their name, e-mail and password manually. Around 50% of all users acquired through Snapchat use the “Login with Snapchat” button. Moreover, the majority of users using the Snapchat login do not have to pass any additional verification processes on the Hily app, making their user experience smoother.

The Result

By optimizing sign-up time, Hily managed to increase their install-to-registration conversion rate. In addition, users were more willing to explore the key functionality of the app and showed higher levels of engagement.

“Snapchat is an amazing user acquisition channel for us. Not only does it help advertisers promote products and acquire highly engaged users, but also lets developers like Hily integrate some of Snapchat’s best features across the platform. It's been incredible to unlock the sign-ups potential by integrating Snapchat Login Kit that we knew was there all along! Right now, Snapchat continues to reach and exceed our expectations and we are ready to experiment with all of their new features in order to give our users even better and smoother user experience”.

Yan Pronin, Founder, Hily