Ideal of Sweden doubles ROAS during Cyber Week with Snap Ads


higher ROAS than BAU campaigns


increase in peak daily run rate compared to the highest Daily Run Rate during the previous 6 months

The Story

Swedish fashion and lifestyle brand Ideal of Sweden puts a luxurious spin on cell phone accessories. Combining high quality design with state-of-the-art innovation that allows customers to mix and match their pieces to correspond to their style, the brand prides itself on creating cell phone accessories that are equally functional and beautiful.  

With the goal of scaling its business and increasing purchases during Cyber Week, the period of sales leading up to Black Friday in November, Ideal of Sweden collaborated with Snapchat to create targeted ads that would engage an audience with strong purchasing power.

The Solution

Ideal of Sweden found great success by using targeted Snap Ads in a multi-funnel approach. Leveraging styled product shots — which proved more successful in delivering swipes than lifestyle ones — with clear branding, the team broke down its product-driven strategy into three levels, targeting different customer groups around the world before, during and after Cyber Week. 

ideal of sweden camera, iphone case and charger

The Result

Over 16 markets were targeted around the world, and while engagement was high in Germany and Sweden — two countries from which the brand typically sees the strongest results — the campaign also saw particularly high engagement in the Netherlands and Norway, expanding the brand’s reach into previously low-impact regions. Their Cyber Week campaign drove 2x higher ROAS than their BAU and their peak Daily Run Rate increased by 744% compared to the highest DRR in the previous 6x months.1

"Snapchat gave us the opportunity to penetrate some markets further within the same time frame, it performed the highest ROAS across all channels."
Ioannis Partheniou, Head of Paid Social

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Nov 21 2020 - Dec 1 2020 compared to Previous 6 months. 1 May 2020 - 31 of Oct 2020.