Heineken’s Multi-Format Campaign Makes a Splash on Snapchat

Lift in ad awareness¹

Incremental ROI²

Incremental Sales³

Evolving the Offering

Launched in the U.K at the turn of the Swinging Sixties, Strongbow soon established itself as the world’s leading cider. For more than half a century, it was synonymous with sparkling refreshment and sun-drenched orchards.

However, recent shifts in public perception had negatively impacted cider’s popularity, prompting Heineken, which owns the brand, to reassess its offering.

Eager to drive awareness of the core flavour portfolio and new flavours, such as Tropical, among its target demographic, the brand needed a truly interactive campaign – and that’s where Snapchat came in.

Messaging in Multi-Format

Capitalising on the connection between sunny days and cider drinking, Heineken chose to run a summer campaign that would resonate with 18 to 34-year-olds. 

By combining Snap Ads, Commercials and AR Lenses, the brand could deliver its messaging across multiple touchpoints, ensuring high impact, undivided attention and interactive behaviour.

From unskippable Commercials to AR Lenses which gamified its offering, Snap technology was fundamental to the campaign’s overall success.

From Commercials to Conversions

The results of the multi-product campaign were particularly significant, exceeding Heineken’s initial expectations.

In addition to driving  6-point lift in ad awareness, the 10-week campaign delivered £730k³ incremental sales with a strong £2.49 ROI vs £1.23 benchmark⁴.

Snap’s Brand Lift Study established that the cider’s Tropical variant drove most engagement, with featured products delivering a 2.8% uplift in incremental orders and the total brand celebrating a 1.4% uplift in overall brand orders⁵.

Snapchat played a crucial role in our Strongbow Take A Bow campaign, enabling us to engage with 18 to 34-year-olds through innovative, digital experiences. By combining multiple ad formats and optimisation objectives, we were able to scale cost efficient reach, whilst also enhancing our campaign effectiveness through AR and high impact ad formats, such as Commercials. It was excellent to see the campaign drive a positive ROAS amongst this demographic and contribute to positive shifts in brand perception, confirming Strongbow’s position as number one in the cider category.

Jimmy Hughes, Social Media Lead, Heineken

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