GOAT Sees 26% Lower Cost-Per-Acquisition with Snapchat


Lower Cost
Per Purchase

Focus on Growth: Increasing Customer Scale and Tapping New Audiences

GOAT is the leading destination for buying and selling authentic sneakers. Pioneering the ship-to-verify business model in 2015, GOAT brings trust and safety to the secondary sneaker market. With over 35,000 unique styles, the platform offers the greatest selection of sneakers ranging from general releases to rare exclusives and luxury brands. With a focus on growth this year and a history of running campaigns with Snapchat, GOAT expanded their partnership with Snapchat to increase their customer scale and tap into audiences that could not be reached on other channels.

Implementing App Install Snapchat Ads and the Snap Pixel

The sneaker market changes rapidly with new styles dropping several times a month. In order to appeal to their audience in a timely manner and showcase the breadth of their inventory, GOAT implemented Snap Ad App Install ads. This format allowed GOAT to direct users seamlessly from the ad to the app store for a direct download and to ultimately make a sneaker purchase. GOAT also leveraged a range of Snapchat Lifestyle categories such as Sneakerheads, Urban and Hip Hop Music Fans, and Basketball Fans in order to both engage with and reach Snapchatters most likely to download the app.

GOAT also implemented the Snap Pixel to track conversions and continue to grow their customer base. Learnings from the Snap Pixel allowed GOAT to refine their targeting strategy throughout the campaign and focus on the most engaged audience. GOAT also optimized for purchases using goal based bidding, directing their main focus to the best performing Snapchat Lifestyle categories.

26% Lower Performing Cost-Per-Acquisition Using Goal-based Bidding

Mapping their post-install events from their mobile measurement partner to Snapchat has unlocked many opportunities for GOAT. Snapchat’s conversion-based algorithm has allowed GOAT to scale while ensuring their cost per acquisition goal is met. Through their Snapchat partnership, GOAT saw a 26% lower performing cost per acquisition using goal based bidding in comparison to other channels. Due to the positive performance of this campaign, GOAT plans to continue increasing their spend with Snapchat.