June 21, 2021
June 21, 2021

Fitment Industries Unlocks Massive Online Sales with Snapchat


Purchase ROAS

11x ROAS

when compared to other platforms

The Story

Fitment Industries is a leading online retailer of car parts, custom wheels, suspension systems, tires and car accessories. Fitment Industries simplifies and streamlines the shopping process for customers wanting to customize, enhance, and upgrade their car. Looking to connect with mobile savvy car enthusiasts during the holiday season of 2020 and beyond, Fitment Industries turned to Snapchat to build brand awareness and amplify digital marketing campaigns with the goal of driving online sales. 

The Solution: Video Ads

Fitment used Video Ads to focus their Snapchat campaigns on three, primary goals - building brand awareness with Snapchatters, amplifying consideration with their target demographic, and driving online sales and repeat conversions. Installing the Snap Pixel from the start was a major part of Fitment’s campaign success. By driving traffic to their website through Snapchat Ads, they were able to use Pixel data to accurately retarget interested customers, while employing Snapchat’s goal-based bidding to optimize their campaigns to reach Snapchatters who are most likely to view products and ‘Add to cart’. 

Fitment’s success can also be attributed to their strategic and creative messaging. For campaigns focused on building brand awareness and driving website traffic, Fitment used ad creative that showcased their expansive inventory and impressive products. To move engaged and interested Snapchatters through the buying journey, Fitment created custom retargeting audiences using data gathered from the Snap Pixel, while communicating key selling points within ad messaging. This messaging helped convert potential customers by showing off Fitment’s competitive offerings, such as “0% financing” and “free mounting, balancing and shipping”.

The Result

Through a thoughtful, funneled approach, Fitment Industries achieved a substantial return on investment by advertising on Snapchat. Compared to other digital advertising platforms, Fitment saw a 11x return on ad spend with Snapchat, and an overall Purchase ROAS of 18.8x on Snapchat1. Moving forward, Fitment Industries plans to scale up campaigns and continue enhancing ad creative using customer testimonials, all while exploring new ad formats on Snapchat.  

1 Fitment Industries internal data