Fanta Achieves Stellar Results With Halloween Campaign on Snapchat

Total Impressions

Lift in Ad Awareness

16 Secs
Average Playtime

Driving Brand Awareness for Fanta Mistério and Monster Mansion

Beverage brand Fanta is known for their fruit-flavored, carbonated drinks that are popular with people all over the world. To celebrate Halloween, the brand wanted to reach Gen Zers and drive awareness for the different flavors of their latest drop, Fanta Mistério, as well as their new “unreality mini show,” Monster Mansion — all just in time for spooky season!

A Playful Snapchat Campaign Including Snap Ads, Story Ads, and AR Lenses

To reflect the brand’s playful spirit and reach their goals, Fanta turned to Snapchat to build a campaign leveraging multiple ad products, including Snap Ads, Story Ads, and AR Lenses. Additionally, Fanta tapped into Snapchat’s targeting tools to ensure the campaign reached Snapchatters 18 to 35 years old.

Wanting to combine the aesthetic of their Monster Mansion mini show with an innovative AR experience for users, Fanta worked with Snapchat to create a gamified Lens that prompted users to virtually “catch” falling Halloween images in their mouth and score points before the clock ran out! Video ads for the campaign were particularly spooky, featuring wild, colorful creative that evoked the fun and daring feeling of trying Fanta Mistério.

Significant Lift Across All Metrics

Fanta’s campaign produced stellar results, driving significant lift across all metrics and proving that Snapchat is the perfect platform for brands to celebrate major tentpole moments like Halloween. Fanta’s campaign was also an ideal example of the power of combining video assets with AR to boost awareness and drive engagement.

By choosing the right ad-product mix for their brand, Fanta saw a 20-point lift in ad awareness, as well as a 7- and 5-point lift in message awareness and action intent, respectively. Additionally, the campaign achieved more than 21 million total impressions, with the AR Lens proving particularly performant, driving 11.5 million impressions and an average playtime of 20 seconds, compared to the benchmark of 13.4 seconds.

With such incredible results, Fanta is looking forward to partnering with Snapchat for future tentpole moments!