Evry Jewels Shatters Records on Snap: Leveraging Performance Best Practices and Influencers for Unprecedented Growth

Growth in Spend

In Purchase

Decrease in CPA (1-0)¹

Q4 Performance Boost - E.T. Advertisers Turns to Snapchat for Maximizing Results

Evry Jewels is a trendy fashion Jewelry brand founded by 4th generation Jewellers Brittany Sigal a social media sensation, and her brother Jake a Business Mastermind, The brand skyrocketed to become one of the fastest-growing brands, utilizing social media and engaging content.

When aiming to maximize online sales during the pivotal Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events, Evry Jewels and their marketing agency E.T. Advertisers doubled down on Snap for November and December, witnessing unparalleled success and making Snap their primary platform for driving purchases and ROAS..

Partnering with Snap and E.T. Advertisers (A boutique agency specialized in growth and brand transformation), Evry Jewels tapped into Snap's innovative 7-0 performance optimization tools, strategically employing a creative strategy and best practices to maximize performance and scale during Q4.

Striking the Perfect Balance: Fusion of Influencer and Content Strategy with Performance Best Practices

Leveraging Snap ADS for lower-funnel results

E.T. Advertisers helped Evry Jewels utilize Snap's new DR tools to captivate both organic and paid audiences, yielding exceptional results across the board. 

By consistently posting organic content and interacting with Snapchatters, Evry Jewels effectively showcased its brand values, fostering a deeper connection with its audience. Simultaneously, through conversion campaigns on Snapchat, they achieved their performance goals while supporting other key performance indicators and mid-funnel objectives. 

Leveraging Snap's versatile snap ad format, they captured Snapchatters' attention and optimized campaigns for maximum effectiveness, resulting in significant ROAS boosts during the holiday season. 

Furthermore, by embracing creative best practices such as user-generated content and influencer collaborations, Evry Jewels enhanced authenticity and brand connection, resulting in increased conversions and pick engagement levels. 

These combined efforts culminated in Evry Jewels exceeding their target KPIs and establishing Snapchat as their most effective platform for driving performance.

Outperforming at Scale: Evry Jewels' Q4 Success on Snapchat

Evry Jewels has achieved impressive outcomes this Q4, with a notable surge in spending by +1285% and a remarkable +4168% increase in purchases, far surpassing their KPIs. Their activities on Snapchat consistently exceeded expectations, delivering not only heightened scale and ROI but also a significant reduction in CPA by an impressive 67%. These results demonstrate the efficiency and robust return on investment garnered through their strategic endeavors.

Snapchat has been a revelation for us, delivering exceptional user quality and scale. Working with the Snap team has been a pleasure, and we're excited to continue breaking records. Snap is the industry's best-kept secret for performance, and we're fortunate to have the right partners to leverage its potential for sustained growth and success. Every Jewels's journey with Snapchat is just beginning, and it is eager to explore its potential for further growth and success in the future.

Tal Berkovitz - CEO E.T. Advertisers

1 Data source: Client internal data Q4 2023, 1-0 attribution window