Etihad Airways Reduces Cost per Flight Search by 4x With Dynamic Ads for Travel


lower cost per flight search versus non-dynamic campaigns


increase in ROAS  versus non-dynamic campaigns


lower cost per purchase versus non-dynamic campaigns

The Story
With travel interest slowly returning, Etihad Airways shifted its paid media strategy to focus on automation in the face of volatile consumer demand and challenging business conditions. The brand sought to drive efficiency at scale in order to develop consumer consideration in the form of flight searches, ultimately to convert into bookings.
The Solution
Looking to build upon the success of its always-on performance campaigns on Snapchat, Etihad began to test Dynamic Ads for Travel. This new solution designed specifically for travel industry advertisers provided an easy and automated way to prospect and retarget travellers on Snapchat with a specific catalog or feed, and dynamically deliver relevant flight or hotel offerings to users based on the individual user's travel preferences and intent.
The Results
Dynamic Ads for Travel was able to deliver impactful results at scale. In terms of building consumer interest, Dynamic Ads for Travel drove a cost per flight search 4x lower versus static (non-dynamic) campaigns.1 In addition, Dynamic Ads for Travel were successful in driving efficient bookings as well, increasing ROAS by over 300% and decreasing cost per purchase by over 76%.2
"By using Snapchat Dynamic Ads, we were able to maximise relevance by matching customers to specific destinations, dramatically improving performance metrics across the booking funnel in the process. The prospecting solution in particular is currently the best-in-class catalogue solution for dynamic travel ads on social and we are extremely pleased with the results we have been able to achieve. We look forward to building on this approach in Q2 and beyond."
Phil Dodwell, Marketing Media Lead, Etihad Airways
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