Elevenparis creates a winning strategy on Spotlight to grow their community on Snapchat.


organic Spotlight views in 2 months


increase in Spotlight views in the last 28 days vs. the previous period


increase in Public Profile subscribers


of new Public Profile subscribers came from Spotlight

The Background

Elevenparis is a Parisian apparel brand created in 2003 and well-known for its iconic t-shirts. After more than 20 years of existence, the brand has reinvented itself multiple times and it is in that quest for originality and innovation that it chose to launch on Spotlight this year.

The Solution

The launch of Spotlight in France was a great opportunity for Elevenparis to share their engaging content to a whole new community on Snapchat.

They began to post UGC-style short video content on Spotlight, alternating between real-life moments from their own office, street interviews, and fun videos.

They allocated the necessary resources to post daily on the account, thus increasing their number of followers day by day.

The Results

Elevenparis generated more than 11 million views on Spotlight in less than 2 months and a 182% increase in Spotlight views in the last 28 days vs the previous period.

During the period, Elevenparis multiplied the number of subscribers to their Public Profile by 3.4X, 94% of which came from Spotlight.

These results were enough to encourage Elevenparis to keep accelerating on the platform and publish more engaging content.

After identifying the presence of our audience on Snapchat through our various advertising campaigns, it was also important for us to expand our presence with users organically. The Spotlight feature has allowed us to significantly increase our visibility and increase traffic to our site by 50%.

Judicaël Baudot, Chief Digital Officer, Elevenparis

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