Dr. Squatch Makes Huge Organic Strides on Snapchat

By focusing on Spotlights and Public Stories, Dr. Squatch has achieved insane organic growth: 3.1 million Spotlight views and 7,200 new Public Profile subscribers in 28 days.

Spotlight Views in 28 Days

Public Profile Subscribers
Gained in 28 Days

Purchases From Snapchat Ads
During the Same Period

Higher CTR on Snapchat Ads
During the Same Period

From its humble beginnings concocting natural soaps in founder Jack Haldrup’s garage, Dr. Squatch has enjoyed rapid growth in the natural-products market through high-quality products, smart, whimsical marketing, broad appeal, and lots of good old-fashioned hard work. Their male-focused suite of natural personal care products have been legendary from the get-go, featuring first-rate ingredients, no harsh chemicals, and an attractive array of scents — all of which has led to a solid, rapidly expanding core of loyal customers now numbering in the millions.

In Search of Increased Purchases and ROAS

Although Dr. Squatch’s growth has been consistently strong, the company’s been keen on expanding their customer base and product sales through innovative marketing methods that best support their light-hearted, well-respected brand.

After advertising through Snapchat for a while, the Dr. Squatch team found their products sufficiently resonated with Snapchat’s audience via a balanced two-prong (organic and paid) approach to their marketing.

And so they leaned on their advertising content development and distribution while keeping close tabs on the metrics of their content and campaign performance. They wanted to make sure their efforts toward increased sales and return on ad spend were not only on-point, but continuously advancing — and recently found that they needed to adjust their mix to keep a thriving pace.

Monster Breakthrough

The organic advertising team at Dr. Squatch decided to lean even harder into Snapchat once they started hearing their paid-advertising team was seeing a resurgence in performance with Snapchat Ads.

Consequently, they quickly chose the route of roaring into a newly inspired direction, regularly posting fun, creative, and informative videos to Spotlight and their Public Story. The mystery to accelerated growth began unraveling. In mid-September, 2023, they had several Spotlight videos capture the proverbial headlines, including one with over 100K views and another with over 500K views.

The Evidence Is Out There

As always, the proof is in the pudding. And in Dr. Squatch’s case, their methodological
discovery has proven to be gargantuan:

Organic Metrics

  • 3.1 million Spotlight views accumulated in 28 days — 22,357% growth vs. previous 28 days

  • 7,272 Public Profile subscribers gained from Spotlight in 28 days — 181,700% growth vs. previous 28 days

Paid Metrics

  • +11.9% increase in purchases from Snapchat Ads during the same period — 3,047 vs. 2,721

  • +12% higher CTR (click through rate) on Snapchat Ads during the same period — 1.13% vs. 1.03%

  • -21% lower eCPM (cost per thousand impressions) on Snapchat Ads during the same period — $5.86 vs. $7.47

Dr. Squatch has played it smart and made conscious, adventurous decisions to push new directions in their quest for results. With just a few wise decisions, they’ve solved an enigma that’s paid off in spades. Ready for your business to track some giant success of its own?

The Dr. Squatch social team is dedicated to creating entertaining content that resonates with our community. Our priority is fostering genuine connections with our fans wherever they spend time, and it's truly inspiring to witness the authentic joy and resonance our organic videos bring to our audience here on Snapchat.

Reina Suio, Social Media Manager

Our recent resurgence in Snapchat's advertising performance has been incredibly exciting to be a part of. Combining the power of Snapchat's paid ads and organic content has not only amplified our brand reach, but also nurtured meaningful customer engagement that has ultimately led to conversions, which has been great to see!

Alexandra Mercurio, Paid Media Specialist