Christian Dior Couture
Drives Sales Using Sneakers
Virtual Try-on

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Views of AR Lens

Launching Christian Dior Couture B27 Sneakers with Snapchat Ads

To create awareness and excitement around the launch of their new sneakers, the B27, Christian Dior Couture partnered with Snapchat. Leveraging the power of AR on Snapchat and the newly launched Business Profiles, Christian Dior Couture offered Snapchatters a beautiful and very realistic try-on experience for six different pairs of sneakers. The Lens was promoted via the AR Lens in carousel and the Snap Ad formats, and offered the possibility for users to buy them directly.

Using Snapchat Business Profiles and AR as a Solution

1. Business Profile

Christian Dior Couture was one of the first brands to leverage Business Profiles on Snapchat. Business Profile is a permanent home for brands on Snapchat. Brands can post their content (Video or Augmented Reality), and users can try on different products from the virtual showroom of a brand.

Dior's Public Profile on Snapchat

2. AR Lens, and Snap Ads to AR Lens

This Lens was promoted directly within the Snapchat Lenses Carousel. From there, Snapchatters could go straight to Dior’s website, and were able to buy instantly the product online after their AR trial. In addition, Dior also promoted it via the Snap Ads to AR Lens format. The videos were showing runway models and users playing with the Lens, and encouraging Snapchatters to play with it too.

Christian Dior Couture leveraged Business Profiles to generate early excitement as soon as their new sneakers were released. They posted an AR Lens allowing users to try on 6 different models of their new B27 Sneakers.

Dior's AR Lens for new sneaker release on Snapchat

Innovative and Engaging Results

By leveraging the power of Augmented Reality on Snapchat, Dior created an innovative
and engaging experience, and placed AR at the heart of their product launch. As an incremental result, Christian Dior Couture successfully drove sales on their website:

  • Overall, the AR Lens and the Snap Ads to AR Lens generated a Return on Ad Spend of

  • When looking only at the promotion via Snapchat's Lenses Carousel, the AR Lens
    generated a Return on Ad Spend of 6.2X.¹

  • In addition to promotion via paid advertising, Christian Dior Couture generated more than 2.3 million views of their Lens thanks to their Business Profile.¹

Being invited as early adopters of the Business Profile has given Dior the opportunity to further strengthen the brand’s position at the forefront of innovation in the fashion and beauty worlds.

Dior’s spokesperson

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of October 29 - December 20, 2020. Lookback window: 28 days post-swipe, 1 day post-view. As for the Business Profile, data from Snap Ads Manager as of February 23, 2021.