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Brand Spotlight

Deadpool sees a 44% lift in movie views with an iconic campaign on Snapchat

With the return of everyone’s favorite R-rated Marvel superhero to the big screen, Fox partnered with Snapchat to create a global Lens execution across 19 markets for the premiere of Deadpool 2. With an internationally known character, Fox developed bespoke creative that encapsulated the true essence of one of America's favorite heroes, running a multi-product campaign that allowed Snapchatters to tell their story through the character. This ultimately drove a 44% lift in movie views, proving their strategy to be effective in delivering full-funnel results.

Product Used

Lenses, Snap Ads, Commercials

  • 10pt

    lift in Brand Awareness on top of a high 78% baseline

  • 44%

    lift in movie views

Here's how they did it...

What was your vision and objective for this campaign?

As a brand, our objective was not only to increase Awareness, but to also ensure that Deadpool’s personality shines through. We wanted to get people excited about what Deadpool means to the genre. We had a character that was really charismatic and loved, so we could take more risks. Snapchat allowed us to insert ourselves into a culturally relevant platform that is playful in itself. Our vision for this campaign was to have as much fun as possible with this character. We asked ourselves questions like, “Can we push the envelope with Deadpool?” After thinking of the most unique and exciting activation possible, we executed it with Snapchat for Deadpool 2!

What was your strategy in ensuring you achieved your objectives for this campaign on Snapchat?

It was really important for us to make sure that we leveraged all of the available products on the platform in a creative and native way. Deadpool’s personality gave us a lot to work with in terms of being able to really expand our content ideas. It was also really important for us to deliver the right creative, at the right moment, in an engaging and fun way. With Snapchat’s capabilities, we also wanted to make the experience as interactive as possible. We incorporated Deadpool’s quirky personality in the creative by having him talk directly to Snapchatters in an organic way.

How has Snapchat’s platform and products allowed you to be creative in your marketing mix?

The flexible canvas that Snapchat provides really gives us space to encourage consumers to create their own stories with the brand. Snapchat is made for expression and having consumers tell their own stories using our character is something that really gives back to the brand. As marketers, that’s what we strive to do with our brands and characters. Snapchat gives us the opportunity to have our characters personalities shine through. Merging Deadpool’s personality with our consumer’s personalities through these virtual experiences is the perfect mix for usage, creating viral moments.

How did you think about creative differently for this campaign?

When working with Snapchat, thinking of creative differently is crucial. Snapchat is a pioneer in the vertical video space. The way ads are viewed on the platform demands the users attention and we used that to our advantage. We had to ask ourselves what would excite our users. Given that we knew our audience comes to Snapchat to view and engage with content in a different way, we were able to build the character story around that.

What were some key learnings from this campaign?

Deadpool is one of the most unrestricted characters out of the Marvel comics which gave us an advantage in being able to create really engaging experiences through multiple formats. One of the key learnings from this campaign was to really leverage all of the products on the platform. Snapchat’s full suite of products allowed us to find the right cadence and frequency across the platform. Creating bespoke creative is also key in ensuring you capturing your audience’s attention. This encourages Snapchatters to create their own narratives uninhibitedly. With a variance of products, you don’t want to oversaturate your users with content, so making sure ads appear when it makes sense was an important learning.

What advice would you give to other brands looking to activate on Snapchat?

Our advice to other brands would be to take risks and be willing to be authentic to the platform you are advertising on. The great thing about Snapchat is that you don’t have to take your product or brand too seriously. Snapchatters come to the platform to be themselves and have fun. Brands can get great results when they allow their brand personalities to shine through.

Ashley Cartwright

Director, Digital Media, FOX Theatrical

Scott Bishoff

VP Digital Media, FOX Theatrical