Cheerz partnered with Snap Stars to diversify its content and boost its traffic & year-end performance.

Reduction in Cost per Click¹

Increase in Click-Through-Rate¹

In Story Completion Rate²

The Holiday Season with Cheerz

Founded in 2012, Cheerz is a leading mobile photo printing company in Europe. The company captures life's precious moments, from significant events to everyday joys, with just a few clicks from your smartphone.

With its entirely French-based team, Cheerz prints the smiles and memories of over 5 million customers worldwide, charmed by the simplicity of its interface and the originality and quality of its products. Addict Mobile, the performance marketing agency, has been working with Cheerz since 2018 on user acquisition for its app. The agency operates ROAS-driven app install campaigns working hand in hand with Snapchat. For Cheerz, the holiday season is a crucial time for both performance and visibility. This year, the company aimed to achieve these goals while introducing an innovative approach.

Cheerz innovating via an unprecedented collaboration with Snap Stars

For several weeks, from November 2023 to January 2024, Cheerz had the exclusive opportunity to participate in the new influencer program: Snap Stars Collab Studio. This innovative format was developed in collaboration with four influencers, specifically in the Lifestyle niche, featuring a series of 40-second skippable videos. These videos were strategically placed between friends' stories and within the media content feed. The Cheerz campaign comprised four videos where the influencers shared their top gift ideas and encouraged viewers to download the Cheerz app.

An emotional connection with the Audience

Cheerz's Snap Stars campaign has yielded excellent results in terms of brand awareness. Compared to their usual User-Generated Content (UGC), the performance metrics on Ads Manager for these videos showed significant improvement in advertising engagement. The cost per click was four times lower (€0.4 versus €1.7), and the click-through rate was seven times higher. Moreover, these videos generated stronger interest among the targeted audience, achieving a 37% story completion rate (compared to 1.3% for UGC/product-focused content).

1 Cheerz Internal Data from Ads Manager, Nov. 30 2023 - Jan. 22 2024
2 40 seconds of duration, on average, for the Snap Stars creatives