BIC Germany Shows Its Creative Side and Wins Big with Brand Lift Study on Snapchat

Overall Ad Awareness¹

Ad Awareness Product Multi-Count¹

Message Awareness Across Snap Ads¹

The Spirit of Self-Expression

Globally-recognised stationary manufacturer BIC has been empowering consumers to express what’s inside and feel joy from the simple every day. Last year, Snap helped BIC Germany capture that same spirit of creativity in a campaign that showcased its iconic 4 Colours pen by engaging Snap’s creative community. 

Aiming to reach Gen-Z and Millennial audiences, the campaign ‘4 Colours – A pen for every side of you’ likened the versatility of the pen with the joy of flexible self-expression. Centred around creativity and playfulness, the campaign was a natural fit for Snapchat’s audiences who immersed themselves in the opportunity to explore new AR identities.

Style Swapping with Snap Ads and Lenses

True to the campaign motto, ‘A pen for every side of you’ the brand’s Snap Ads showed a central character magically changing their style with every click of the 4 Colours pen. The video creative cleverly played into a generation-defining interest in switching up their style – a concept that also perfectly lent itself to an interactive AR experience. 

The ‘4 Colours’ Snap Lens enabled users to experience the same style-swapping magic as the video ads. In camera mode, Snapchat users could try out 4 different ‘looks’ with each click of the virtual pens on their screen. From makeup to accessories, the AR Lens translated the core campaign messaging, a pen as creatively versatile as you are. 

Consisting of two phases, the campaign started by optimising for impressions to drive reach and create awareness of the product, followed by campaigns with click optimisation to increase consideration. Using both Snap Ads and AR Lenses meant BIC Germany could engage users both in camera mode on Snapchat and within the content area of the app.

Boosting Brand and Message Awareness

With Snap, BIC Germany was able to successfully engage its target audience with a message that spoke directly to Snap’s creative community. And, by creating an immersive experience, the brand was able to drive impressive campaign results with over 36+ million impressions.² 

In addition, BIC’s brand lift study showed just how impactful Snap Ads can be for driving both brand and message awareness: +21 overall ad awareness, +35 ad awareness product multi-count and +23 message awareness of Snap Ads.¹ Overall, BIC Germany saw hugely successful results with Snap, highlighting the effectiveness of key campaign messaging and the impact of interactive Snap Lenses for bolstering brand awareness. 

1 Snap Inc. brand lift survey of 762 Snapchat users Jul. 24 - Sep. 24, 2023. Control n= 399, exposed n= 363.
2 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Jul. 24 - Sep. 24, 2023.