Al Majed Leverages Snapchat and Conversions API for Big Gains

Drop in CPA¹

Increase in ROAS¹

Increase in Conversions¹

From Gulf Market Leader to Digital Innovator with Snapchat

Al Majed for Oud, a prestigious perfume brand in Saudi Arabia, has a rich history dating back to 1956. Initially focused on the wholesale trade of oud, a fragrant oil extracted from tree resin, the brand quickly grew to dominate the Gulf market, becoming a household name for quality fragrances.

Over the decades, Al Majed has expanded its offerings, innovating new perfume lines that resonate with a broad customer base. That growth has evolved into the establishment of 300 sales platforms across Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the Emirates, Bahrain, and Oman.

Despite its success, Al Majed recognized the need to amplify its online presence and boost website sales. However, the brand faced challenges in monitoring metrics and campaign effectiveness, making it difficult to attract high-value users and meet predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs). To address those issues, the goal was clear: optimize budget allocation to enhance return on ad spend (ROAS) and reduce cost per acquisition (CPA). Al Majed opted to work with Snapchat to pursue innovative ways to optimize campaigns and improve tracking methodologies for better sales growth.

Boosting ROI with a Game-Changing CAPI Strategy

To tackle their business challenges, Al Majed for Oud adopted the Conversions API (CAPI), a game-changing tool for refining marketing strategies and boosting ROI. The Ramadan season, a critical period for maximizing ROI in the Gulf market, coincided with their strategy, so the timing was perfect. With CAPI's insights, Al Majed could make data-driven decisions, ensuring every marketing move was backed by solid analytics.

The implementation of CAPI brought immediate benefits. The brand reallocated resources to conversion campaigns, leveraging CAPI’s enhanced tracking and attribution capabilities. The strategic shift allowed Al Majed to gain a clearer understanding of customer behavior, leading to more effective marketing efforts and improved campaign performance.

The Sweet Smell of Multi-Metric Success

The results were nothing short of impressive. Utilizing catalog sales during Ramadan in conjunction with CAPI, Al Majed saw a significant boost in ROAS, to the tune of 30.2%. Improved tracking capabilities facilitated efficient retargeting, allowing the brand to re-engage previous campaign audiences based on their interactions with the website and app. This targeted approach not only optimized audience engagement but also drove sustained growth and success — delivering a 41% drop in CPA and a 68.3% increase in conversions.

In collaboration with Snapchat, the strategic implementation of CAPI by partner Datahash marked a pivotal moment in Al Majed’s digital marketing journey. Through harnessing cutting-edge technology for data capture and analysis, the business overcame previous advertising performance challenges. The three-way partnership exemplifies the transformative potential of integrating advanced analytics solutions like CAPI to optimize digital advertising strategies and drive sustainable business growth.

1 Data from Snap Ads Manager as of Feb. 18 - Apr. 20, 2024.