Sipping Success: Lipton Ice Tea's First Story Takeover Drives 86% Incremental Reach

Incremental Reach
Overlap Between Formats
Uplift on Brand Association

Lipton Ice Tea Embarked on a Mission To Introduce a Fresh and Exciting Ice Tea Flavor

Lipton Ice Tea embarked on a mission to introduce a fresh and exciting ice tea flavor that would not only tantalize taste buds but also captivate the hearts of young adults aged 18 to 34. This vibrant age group represented a significant market segment, and Lipton was determined to make their new flavor a must-have choice.
However, reaching this particular audience presented its own set of challenges. In a world where attention spans are fleeting, grabbing and holding the interest of young adults is no small feat. Lipton needed a strategy that would engage and resonate with this dynamic demographic.
Their solution came in the form of a partnership with Snapchat, a social media platform that had firmly rooted itself in the daily lives of young people. Snapchat's unique appeal lay in its ability to provide content in a visual and interactive format, which was a perfect match for showcasing Lipton's enticing new ice tea flavor. This partnership offered a way to bridge the gap between a classic brand and a tech-savvy, younger audience.
In the backdrop of this collaboration, a compelling narrative began to unfold—a tale of brand innovation and a journey to captivate the hearts and taste buds of a younger generation. The stage was set, and the stage was Snapchat. It was a story with all the ingredients for success, poised to be shared far and wide.

Lipton Ice Tea Devised a Clever Strategy

To address the challenge of capturing the attention of young adults, Lipton Ice Tea devised a clever strategy. They opted for a "First Story" takeover on Snapchat, a premium buy that secured the coveted position of being the first impression seen between friends' stories on the platform. This prime placement guaranteed Lipton the first and unmissable opportunity to engage their target audience.
By seizing this prime real estate on Snapchat, Lipton created a direct and engaging connection with young adults. The "First Story" takeover ensured that the first time on that specific day when a  user opened their Snapchat app, they were greeted with Lipton's refreshing ice tea content before anything else. This innovative approach not only made a powerful and immediate impression but also showcased the brand in a unique and memorable way.
In essence, Lipton's solution was to place their new ice tea flavor front and center in the lives of young adults, giving them a taste of something irresistible right from the start. This strategic move held the potential to transform Lipton's campaign into a true Snapchat success story.

The Results of Lipton Ice Tea's Strategic Move Were Nothing Short of Remarkable

The results of Lipton's strategic move were nothing short of remarkable. The "First Story" takeover on Snapchat, with its prominent placement, played a pivotal role in the campaign's success. An astonishing 86% of the total reach for this campaign was directly attributable to the addition of the "First Story," underscoring the significant impact it had on the campaign's overall reach.
Furthermore, the campaign's multi-format strategy was a key driver of its success. With just a 12% overlap between the formats utilized by Lipton, it became clear that implementing a multi-format approach was essential for maintaining visibility across various tabs within the Snapchat app. This strategy ensured that the brand was accessible to the audience in different ways, maximizing engagement and recognition.
But the impact didn't stop at reach and visibility. The campaign also delivered tangible results on brand KPIs. Lipton achieved a remarkable 7-point uplift on brand association and an impressive 11-point uplift on ad recall. These statistics highlight the substantial influence of the "First Story" takeover. It not only extended the reach of the campaign but also made a significant and lasting impact on crucial brand performance indicators, reinforcing Lipton's position as a brand that knows how to connect with its audience and make a lasting impression. This campaign exemplifies the potent combination of reach and impact, showing that strategic use of a "First Story" takeover can lead to impressive results.

Snapchat's First Story was the answer for a short-burst, high reach strategy. Brand storytelling placed between friends' stories creates an authentic and engaging experience for the audience, resulting in maximum awareness. Ephemeral content is a powerful tool for driving brand awareness, and we've seen success in leveraging this approach.

Carli Luteijn & Juliette Maenen, Senior Social Specialists @GroupM