Seasonal Shopping Checklist


Get the Data Right

  • Install your pixel and check your events are firing in the “Events Manager” tab
  • Upload a custom audience based on your existing customers or audience
  • Create a custom audience based on Page View events
  • Create a custom audience based on your CRM list (Then create a lookalike)


Creative is Your Biggest Lever

Before launching your creative, check your ads against these 5 best practices!
  • Keep Ads Short - Land your key message in 5 seconds
  • Style Ads Like User Content - Make your videos look native to Snap
  • Have a Clear Call To Action - Tell Snapchatters what you want to do after seeing the Ad
  • Use Audio - Use audio to support your video content (80% of Snaps are played with Sound ON)
  • Have a Hero Message - Have one clear point as to why Snapchatters should choose your business


Beat the competition, at the most competitive moments

  • Broaden Your Targeting - Keep audience sizes >1M in as many ad sets as possible
  • Bid Aggressively - Test target cost bidding, set your bid at 2-3X the recommendation for key dates
  • Tell Snapchatters about Sales - Have any sales/offers front and centre in your ad copy
  • Rotate Your Creative - Always test 2-3 creatives per Ad Set and rotate creatives every 2-3 weeks
  • Be Patient - Allow 7-10 days for Ads to fully optimise!


Build a tried and tested campaign...