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SIKSILK achieves 57% higher ROAS using Snapchat Dynamic Ads


higher ROAS vs other platforms¹


higher purchase value vs other platforms¹


purchase increase in the female target audience¹
The Story
SIKSILK is an athletic, styled combination of sportswear meets streetwear with huge inspiration from top athletes around the world along with the uprising streetwear culture, which heavily influences most of the youth today. They partnered with Snapchat to create immersive full screen ad experiences to drive purchases amongst the millennial and Gen Z audience in the UK.
The Solution
SIKSILK has utilized the Snap Pixel and uploaded their product catalog to launch Dynamic Ads. They created two specific catalogs to target males and females 18-45 years old, then leveraged Dynamic Ads retargeting strategy to drive consumers to purchase. Using Pixel Purchase goal-based bidding, SIKSILK has seen strong results in use of Dynamic Ads, with a huge upstick in overall ROAS and conversions.
The Result
Snapchat Dynamic Ads have helped SIKSILK to improve ROAS up to 57%, compared to other platforms¹. In the same line, SIKSILK average purchase value raised 54% more than the average ticket from other platforms¹.
In this campaign, one of the greatest achievements is that the campaign reached an incremental female audience, between 18-24 years old. In this age group, SIKSILK was able to see an increased purchase by 163% on Snapchat. Overall, purchases increased by 61% across all females 18+¹.
“Snapchat Dynamic Ads and Adsmurai’s expertise have helped us improve our ROAS compared to other platforms, increased our average ticket whilst reaching a new and younger audience.
- Domingo Gil, Social Media Manager, SIKSILK

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1SIKSILK internal data, 1 June 2020 - 26 July 2020