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26 août 2022
26 août 2022

The Friendship Report 2020 [Japan]

Insights on how to maintain friendships, navigate endships, and stay connected during COVID-19
A study conducted by Alter Agents and Snap Inc. exploring how relationships evolve across distances and through major life events, as well as the vital role digital communication plays in cultivating and sustaining friendships
Since Snapchat launched in 2011, our mission has been to foster and facilitate authentic communication between friends, wherever they are. In our blog post announcing the release of our newest report on Friendship, we discuss why we  endeavored to explore friendships around the world, and what our key findings were. 
Read on to learn more about friendships in Japan.
Staying connected during COVID-19
While COVID-19’s challenges have changed how we maintain our friendships, the pandemic has also made some of us more generous with our newfound time. When asked to think about the effects of COVID-19 on their friendships, 76% of the people we surveyed said their friendships have not been impacted.1 Nearly a quarter (24%) said they feel that COVID-19 has changed their relationships— but many respondents said they now feel closer to their friends than before.1 And Snapchat is one of the many ways people are staying connected with their friends. Snapchatters are notably more likely to say that they feel closer with their friends than before the pandemic. Globally, 60% of Snapchatters say that the app has helped strengthen their friendships.1 
Snapchatters value authenticity
Last year, we found that friendships, especially those that began in childhood, have a huge impact on our happiness and well-being. Strong friendships push us to be the most authentic version of ourselves. Almost three-quarters of those we surveyed said that close friends encourage them to be themselves, and seven in ten say that their friends give them a safe space to say what’s on their mind.1 When it comes to the most important qualities to have in a friend, Snapchatters in Japan are looking for trustworthy, caring, low-maintenance, and fun individuals who are helpful when times are tough.1 
From friendships to endships
While they aren’t the primary reason we lose touch, disagreements among friends can have an outsized, negative impact on relationships when they do happen. Most of us don’t have a handbook for navigating friendships through a rough patch. But many of us know the distinct pain of the friend that got away. In fact, globally half of the people we surveyed have had a friendship end (either temporarily or permanently) because of a fight.1
Being face-to-face makes a difference when friends fight–and most people (58%) would prefer to reconcile in person, too.1 Making up in any form is difficult, with 35% saying they’ve had a friendship end because of a fight, and 66% saying this rupture was permanent.1

Reaching out and reconnecting
Given the pain of losing a close friend, it’s no surprise that many of us want to get back in touch. Nearly half (47%) of global respondents said that they are interested in repairing a broken friendship.1 After a rupture, one of the most widely shared reasons for wanting to fix a friendship is “missing the person” (35%).1
So how do we best reach out? 
Visual communication is great for friendships, with memories and images of your bond striking an especially powerful note. When it comes to reconnecting, the number one thing people enjoy sharing are photos of them and their friend together (42%), with the second being a photo of a shared memory (40%).1 Being creative with stickers, emojis, or bitmojis can express tone or feeling in ways that contextualize and clarify our messages. Humor also ranks highly, with a third of people thinking that sending a funny meme or GIF would be the best way to reach out (33%).1
Now more than ever, the work we do at Snapchat helps people connect in meaningful ways. When people celebrate their friendships with one another—creating special memories through sight, sound, and laughter—the bonds of friendship can only be strengthened and grow.

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12020 Alter Agents study commissioned by Snap Inc.