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26 août 2022
26 août 2022

The Biggest SPS Takeaways for Marketers

Learn what our most recent product announcements mean for your brand.

Snap Partner Summit 2021
We virtually hosted our third annual Snap Partner Summit! The keynote — by Snap Inc. co-founders Evan Spiegel, Chief Executive Officer, and Bobby Murphy, Chief Technology Officer, and other leaders from across the company — featured product announcements, community highlights, and news about our latest collaborations. We’re excited to share an overview of what we’ve been working on and the event’s biggest takeaways for our advertising partners.
Growing a Connected Community
With amazing new content, exciting AR experiences, and a highly integrated and personal Snap Map, our community of Snapchatters is more engaged and connected than ever — and it’s growing every day.
Snapchat now reaches 280M daily active users and over 500M monthly active users around the world. And more than 250M Snapchatters use their maps each month to check on their friends, connect with familiar places, and discover new ones too.
Creator Ecosystem
We recently shared that Spotlight — our community-driven entertainment platform — rolled out globally, and already reaches over 125M monthly active users! 
On Spotlight Snapchatters can share their creations in a way that’s safe and fun, helping a new generation of Creators make their way onto center stage.
To help brands connect with the amazing creators on Snapchat, we announced Creator Marketplace — our new self-service portal that makes it easy for businesses to find and partner with verified Snap creators in a scaled and seamless way. For brands, this means leveraging the creativity and audience of a creator to drive ROI.
Putting your Business on the Map
When we launched Snap Map in 2017, we set out to make the world’s most personal map. With just a quick swipe, Snapchatters can check on their closest friends and see what they’re up to.
We started integrating businesses, stores, and universities into the Map, helping our community connect with familiar places and discover new ones, too.
Today, there are more than 30 million businesses on the Map, using it as a new way.
Introducing Public Profiles for Businesses
And now all brands — even those without physical store fronts — have a permanent home on Snapchat with Public Profiles for Businesses.
Public Profiles are built to multiply the impact of a brand's unique content and experiences. It’s where they can showcase their Lenses, Highlights, and Stories permanently. 
Snapchatters can even browse, try-on, and buy through the “Shop” feature on a Public Profile, turning Snapchat into a new point of sale for businesses around the world.
The Evolution of Camera Marketing
We’re excited about the power our Camera has to bring Snapchatters together with the businesses they care about in meaningful ways. 
Now, more than ever, our community is eager to experience and try on, engage with, and learn about products in new ways — from home.
For the first time, businesses can tap into dynamic and automatic ways to feature real-time inventory in AR Lenses without additional work, bringing the in-store experience even closer to home.
Scan is now front and center on the main Camera screen of Snapchat, inviting Snapchatters to scan the world around them at the touch of a button.

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