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20 mai 2021
20 mai 2021

Public Profiles for Businesses: Creative Best Practices and Recommendations

Create your Public Profile today with these helpful tips!

Public Profiles for Businesses give brands of all sizes a free, permanent home on Snapchat to house all of your unique Snapchat content.
Public Profiles are the first organic presence for a brand or business on Snapchat, and the first step in connecting all of your unique content in one discoverable place. With Public Profiles, you can get discovered organically, engage with customers, build a following, sell products, and manage your profile - all in one place. 
Public Profiles for Businesses allow you to:
  • Extend the reach of your best creative content and AR Lenses
  • Test organic performance to maximize your paid performance
  • Build a content library for your brand
  • Shift your AR content from campaign-specific to always on
  • Engage fans and customers with engaging and educational content
  • Maximize your platform presence on Snapchat with organic discoverability
This blog will walk you through some of our recommended creative best practices for Public Profiles to ensure your brand’s presence on Snapchat is impactful, engaging and unique to you!
Public Profiles Content Best Practices
Be you: Be authentic to your brand. Share bite-size, easy to understand pieces of information that lets Snapchatters know who you are, what you have to offer, and how you want your customers to feel after engaging with your brand or purchasing your products. 
Be intentional: Use content that showcases what makes your business unique, and the products and services you provide to your current and potential customers.
Be creative: Snapchatters love engaging with AR and video content on Snapchat! Be sure to link your AR Lenses and post video content to your Saved Stories to help educate and entertain your core audience. 
Be experimental: Public Profiles for Businesses are new to our community. Use this opportunity to test content styles to develop your organic playbook on Snapchat!
Be fun: Snapchat is the place to be authentic, and that means being playful and adventurous! Content doesn’t need to be highly polished. In fact, user generated content, such as testimonials and user reviews, are highly enjoyed by Snapchatters.
Creative Recommendations for Public Stories on Public Profiles
Stay consistent with your content style: Stories shouldn't look like ads. Our most engaging Profile content is lo-fi/UGC style. Include Snap fonts, stickers, and even your own AR Lenses to drive engagement through your profile. 
Establish a posting cadence: Maintain a regular posting cadence that works for your business, and post a series of Snaps (3+) to your Story at once.
Tell a story: Snaps should build off of each other to bring a story to life. Post at or around the same time to avoid Snaps expiring at different times and the viewers missing out on some pieces of content.
Pick a winning thumbnail: The Story’s thumbnail has the power to grab a Snapchatter’s attention and can heavily influence how viewers will engage with the story. The last Story you post will be used as the thumbnail, so consider this when posting.
Creative Recommendations for Saved Stories

Content:  Saved Stories are your brand’s history on the platform. Add content regularly to keep it fresh + varied. You can add Saved Stories from Public Story and Camera Roll.
Thumbnails: Choose images that are clear and readable. Prioritize faces and close-ups, similar to Story Ad tiles.
Title: Your Saved Story title is a key driver of engagement. Use fun copy to grab the Snapchatter’s interest!
Tell a story: Ensure each Saved Story has a narrative structure and avoid Saved Stories with more than 15 Snaps.
Consider paid distribution: Leverage paid campaigns to drive additional exposure to your Profile. This is a great way to help consumers experience your brand and drive engagement + subscribers.
Creative Recommendations for Lenses
Lens selection: Launch with broadly applicable, widely usable Lenses. Use a mix of selfie and world Lenses, if you have both. Popular Lenses contribute to your Profile discovery, don’t plan to delete Lenses once a promotion has ended.
Naming: Be thoughtful about naming Lenses. Include descriptive language and popular keywords to enhance discoverability.
Paid distribution: Leverage paid campaigns to drive exposure to your Lens library, showing the range of your AR experiences to promote content sharing.
Public Profiles are your business’s home on Snapchat. Learn more how you can get started with your Public Profile here!

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