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26 août 2022
26 août 2022

How to Create a Lookalike Audience on Snapchat

how to create lookalike audience on snapchat
how to create lookalike audience on snapchat

Lookalike Audiences: What they are and how to create one

Today, there are over 280 million daily active Snapchat users1 around the world with over $4.4 trillion in spending power2, and Snapchat has the targeting capabilities to help you reach them. From online and real-world interests and behaviors to locations and demographics, Snapchat can connect you with your target audience based on a wide range of unique identifiers.
Beyond our basic targeting capabilities, Snapchat offers Custom Audiences that help create even more highly targeting campaigns. One quick and easy way to amplify your ad engagement and boost impressions is to target potential customers that are similar to the ones you already have. On Snapchat, you can do this using Lookalike Audiences.
In this blog, we’ll explain what Lookalike Audiences are, why they’re impactful in optimizing your advertising campaigns on Snapchat, and how to create them for your business.
What is a Lookalike Audience? 
A Lookalike Audience on Snapchat is a custom audience that can be selected within the targeting options of your campaign setup, and helps you connect with Snapchatters who are similar to the people already interacting with your brand or business. Simply put, creating Lookalike Audiences is a quick and easy way to reach Snapchatters who are more likely to engage with your ads and potentially convert.
Why is a Lookalike Audience useful, and why should I include it in my marketing?
Using Lookalike Audiences is a great way to get new eyes on your business or products, while also ensuring those new potential customers have shared characteristics of an audience that is already working for you.
Creating a Lookalike Audience helps you reach a targeted group of Snapchatters based on previous actions, such as past viewing and buying patterns and online behaviors, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your advertising on Snapchat. Incorporating Lookalike Audiences into your Snapchat advertising strategy is an effective way to launch highly targeted campaigns and understand valuable new audiences that you may not have reached on other platforms. 
What is required to create a Lookalike Audience on Snapchat?
To create a Lookalike Audience on Snapchat, you’ll need a Snap Audience Match (or SAM), Snap Pixel, Third Party Custom Audience, or Ad Engagement Audience already activated in your Ads Manager account.
  • Snap Audience Match (SAM) matches data from your customer list — email, mobile advertiser ID, or phone number — with the Snapchat community so you can reach previous customers on Snapchat. Learn more here
  • Pixel Custom Audiences are groups of high-intent individuals who have engaged directly with your website in the past. Learn more here
  • Third Party Custom Audiences allow you to reach a highly targeted group of Snapchatters based on their past buying patterns or viewership behaviors. They’re currently available in the US only. 
  • An Ad Engagement Audience reaches Snapchatters who have previously engaged with your ads. Learn more here
Please note that you cannot create a Lookalike Audience from an existing Lookalike Audience. 
Getting started with Lookalike Audiences
Before you create a Lookalike Audience on Snapchat, you should first consider the type of product or service you’re advertising for and the audience that would be most interested in learning more about it. For example, if your brand is popular among Gen Zers but you also sell items specifically to millennials, it’s a good idea to create Lookalike Audiences for each. Some other touchstones to consider are past purchaser lookalikes, high-volume purchaser lookalikes, and app activity lookalikes.
One of the quickest ways to unlock Lookalike Audiences on Snapchat is by creating a Snap Audience Match (SAM) Audience. To create a SAM Audience, log in to Ads Manager, click the menu at the top corner and select ‘Audiences,’ then ‘Get Started,’ and finally ‘Custom Audience.’ From this menu, you can select ‘Customer List’ as your source, either upload a file or copy and paste your customer list, add in a few more details, and select ‘Upload.’ 
Another way to unlock Lookalike Audiences is to create a Pixel Custom Audience using data collected from your Snap Pixel. If you’re just getting started with Snapchat Ads, we highly recommend implementing a Snap Pixel to track website traffic driven from your Snapchat campaigns. Once you’ve gathered enough data from your Snap Pixel, you can create a Pixel Custom Audience to use to target website visitors who have been browsing your products online. To create a Pixel Audience, log in to Ads Manager, click the menu at the top corner and select ‘Audiences,’ then ‘Get Started,’ and finally ‘Custom Audience.’ From here, select ‘Website Events’ as your source, add in details, and select ‘Create.
How do I create a Lookalike Audience?
To create a Lookalike Audience on Snapchat:
  1. Log in to Ads Manager.
  2. Click the menu in the top left corner and select 'Audiences.'
  3. Click ‘Get Started’ and select 'Lookalike Audience.'
  4. Choose your Seed Audience. Your Seed Audience is the original user list provided to Snap Inc.
  5. Choose a country or multiple countries. Please note that at this time, only a select number of countries are available for Lookalike Audiences on Snapchat.
  6. Choose your Lookalike type: 
    • Similarity: Smaller audience that has the closest resemblance to the seed audience. Similarity is best for new Lookalike Audiences and lower-funnel conversion goals. Similarity is also recommended for advertisers that have strict requirements for their target audience. 
    • Balance: Mid-size audience that balances resemblance and reach. 
    • Reach: Larger audience that has the broadest resemblance to the seed audience. Reach is best reaching more new potential customers. We recommend reach for broader, awareness goals and gathering more impressions.
  7. Enter your audience name and description.
  8. Click ‘Create.’
How long does it take for my Lookalike Audience to be ready? 
Once you’ve completed the above steps in Ads Manager, your Lookalike Audience will begin propagating immediately and will usually complete within 72 hours. When it's complete, you'll be able to see the total reach of this new audience in the list view in the Audiences tab found within Ads Manager.

How do I measure results when using a Lookalike Audience?
How to measure results will vary by your selected objective for the ads or campaigns that are targeting your custom Lookalike Audience. However, you can quickly monitor and measure results for all objectives by exporting Delivery Insights within Ads Manager. Delivery Insights is an ad performance report that helps you understand who viewed, engaged with, and took action on your ads. When tracking your campaign performance, audience insights across demographics, locations, and interests can help inform optimization and increase overall campaign efficiency.  
Use Delivery Insights to compare campaigns, ad sets, or ads targeting your Lookalike Audience to existing or prior campaigns based on the intended objective. Learn more about Delivery Insights here
Test and optimize to scale up your campaigns
After you have identified what audience targeting capabilities work best for your business, be sure to create templates of successful audience types with Saved Audiences. Use Saved Audiences to quickly find and apply audience templates. Optimizing your campaign targeting on Snapchat also involves testing different audience types to see what works best for your business, given your advertising goals. 
Advertising on Snapchat gives you access to millions of Snapchatters who are engaged and ready to take action. Be sure to explore all of Snapchat's advertising targeting capabilities to inform your strategy and make the most of your advertising campaigns on Snapchat!

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