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26 août 2022
26 août 2022

59M Snapchatters engage with AR lenses during the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was a bit different this year. With limited attendance permitted, socially-distanced high-fives, and homemade hot dog stands, fans turned to Snapchat to experience the Big Game from their couches.

In fact, over 59 million US Snapchatters engaged with AR Lenses on Super Bowl Sunday. And brands got in on the fun. From Cheetos-stealing, to partying with Wayne & Garth, to rocking an AR Jason Alexander hoodie, brands extended their broadcast stories to Snapchat, and US Snapchatters played with Sponsored AR Lenses over 200 million times. 

Snapchat is built for the Big Game - let’s take a look at some of the AR brand highlights from Super Bowl Sunday.
NFL - AR TD Dance Party
In a season where fans couldn’t celebrate with their favorite teams in person, the NFL partnered with Snapchat to bring touchdown celebration dances to living rooms nationwide on Super Bowl Sunday. Featuring the iconic track, “Blinding Lights,” from Pepsi SBLV Halftime Show performer The Weeknd and brand new 3D AR body tracking technology, the lens gave fans a VIP ticket to party with their favorite team. 

On Sunday night, after the Buccaneers were crowned champs, the lens creative updated to feature Tampa Bay along with confetti and celebratory messaging.
Uber - Wayne's World
Continuing their theme of bringing together famous Duos, Uber Eats reunited Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s World to support local Eats. As an extension to their Super Bowl TVC, Uber Eats ran a National Lens that turns you into the famous characters. They also launched a complementary National Filter promoting their “eating local” message.
Verizon - Big Concert for Small Business
Verizon hosted a “Big Concert For Small Business” on Super Bowl Sunday. Their National Lens allowed Snapchatters to express themselves as music artists on stage, while encouraging them to watch the live stream concert via the Lens Attachment Button.
Tide - Jason Alexander 3D Hoodie
Tide ran a National Lens leading up to Super Bowl Sunday, extending their TVC to Snapchat. The lens supports Tide’s new product, Tide Hygienic Clean. It heroes Jason Alexander’s face on a 3D Tide hoodie, reacting to various staining moments, to showcase what your clothes go through in a day.
Cheetos - Snap to Steal
Cheetos partnered with Snap on “Snap to Steal,” the first Super Bowl ad that allows people to take the product right off the screen. This world-first tech hack enabled fans to get a real, free bag of Cheetos simply by Scanning its Super Bowl ad with the Snapchat camera.
The digital activation extended the Cheetos’ Super Bowl campaign – which hilariously showed Ashton Kutcher continuously catching Mila Kunis 'orange-handed' around the house — eating his bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix. But every time he questions her, Mila has the perfect response: "It Wasn't Me," thanks to Shaggy.
‘Snap to Steal’ put a mischievous, first-to-market twist on Snapchat’s new scan feature by turning every single frame of the commercial – all 1440 of them – into a scannable unlock. This means that when the viewer scanned the ad with Snapchat, they unlocked a free bag of Cheetos Crunch Pop Mix.
Doritos - 3D Vending Machine
To launch Doritos 3D at the Super Bowl, Doritos went live with their #FlatMatt campaign and leveraged a selfie lens to place users into the Doritos 3D vending machine, making the user completely flat. They also launched a 3D World Lens that placed the user into a 3D vending machine where the user could tap on the vending machine button to be taken to a store locator and find Doritos 3D near them.
Taco Bell - Nacho Fries
During the Super Bowl, Taco Bell amplified their Nacho Fries messaging by activating a First Impression Takeover on game day. They also supported their messaging with targeted Snap Ads and Commercials throughout the day and after the game.
Indeed - Now Hiring
Indeed was looking to bring hope to millions of Americans who have lost their jobs amid the pandemic in its first Super Bowl commercial. On Snapchat, they launched an AR lens that highlights a range of job opportunities to job seekers. It was a call to action to raise awareness of job opportunities for everyone.

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