August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022

Snapchatters Are Venturing Back Out, and Taking Snapchat With Them [FR]

As vaccines roll out, case rates decline, and business restrictions are removed, French Snapchatters are leading the charge, and making big plans for camera-ready summer moments with real friends old and new.
According to new data from GroupSolver, Snapchatters in France are already outpacing non-Snapchatters in ‘post-pandemic’ activities, such as eating at restaurants (67% v. 57%), shopping in-person (50% v. 34%), going to see movies and plays (42% v. 31%), and going to major events overall (37% v. 27%).1
Snapchatters in France don’t intend to slow down their usage of the app: the vast majority of Snapchatters (88%) intend to use Snapchat the same or even more post-pandemic.1
Snapchatters’ number one priority this summer is reconnecting with family and friends in-person (72%), especially Gen Z Snapchatters (74%), and they plan to do so at a higher rate than non-Snapchatters (59%).1
And Snapchatters are making specific plans. Snapchatters, even more than the general population, are preparing to: throw their own parties and barbecues (71%), connect with friends and family over meals out at restaurants (65%), and celebrate events in person like birthdays and weddings (52%).1
Travel is also high on the list of things people are planning for this summer. Snapchatters (58%), especially Gen Z (61%), are outpacing non-Snapchatters in making travel plans.1 

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1All data referenced in this post are from a May 2021 GroupSolver survey commissioned by Snap Inc.