August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022

Improving Performance and Measurement to Win in the New Year

The digital landscape looks quite different than it did a year ago. With new industry standards around privacy, the traditional paradigms around digital advertising have been disrupted, and advertising platforms have had to adapt their solutions to evolve. While privacy has been a part of Snap’s DNA from the very beginning, we’ve been working hard to future-proof our ad products so that you continue to get access to the features you rely on to drive business outcomes, in a privacy-centric way. Here are some of the highlights from those efforts: 
  • Advanced Conversions made privacy-centric measurement possible on Web and App post-iOS 14.
  • We recently incorporated statistical modeling techniques within our attribution methodology to provide a more accurate view of performance.
  • Our iOS 14 Resource Hub is continually being updated to help advertisers navigate privacy changes.
As a digital advertiser, you may be wondering, what can I do today to be set up for success in the new year and beyond? The teams at Snap are excited to share three strategies to help you maximize performance and measurement that are rooted in a privacy-centric approach:
1. Enhance Signal Quality 
There are three ways to take action here:
  • E-Commerce advertising: Ensure you are passing back user parameters within the Snap Pixel, which can help you improve match rates. Boosting match rates means your campaign’s impact can more fully be captured, it fuels more robust custom audiences and insights, and allows your bidding and optimization to be more competitive. Coming in November, we’ll support a new ‘Automated Matching’ toggle which will allow for a simple, one-click set-up of these parameters. 
  • Mobile App and Game advertising: If you’re looking for an alternative to SKAdNetwork and want to expand the reach of your app campaigns while unlocking more flexibility around set-up and reporting, Advanced Conversions makes that possible. Work with your Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) to enable this option in their dashboard.
  • Omni-channel advertising: Whether your business has a presence on web, app, offline (or all three!) consider building support for Snap Conversions API. This durable, direct data integration will help you manage future ecosystem / privacy changes with more ease, and have compatibility with all of our existing features such as targeting, measurement, optimization, and audience insights. 
Optimization, targeting, multi-channel attribution on web, offline and mobile app

2: A Winning Creative Strategy
Creative strategy and execution are key factors in driving results. Below we’ve outlined our creative best practices for driving sales:
  • Ensure your product is the star and that it stands out in your ads. The Snapchat Generation consumes more content, at a faster rate, and has the highest recall. So let's capture their attention right away.
  • Play into seasonal conversations to make your ads more relevant. Leveraging gifting messaging, expressing the sentimental motivations, or simply giving them a reason to celebrate a seasonly relevant moment.
  • Feature promotions or sales in the headline or caption to drive urgency. Providing more purchase information and assurances (e.g. free returns ) to engage this mindset at purchase. 
  • Provide clear CTAs that deep link to your products or apps to create a seamless shopping experience.
3: Broaden Campaign Reach 
This isn’t a new tip, but one we can’t reiterate the importance of broadening the reach of your campaign to improve ROI performance. 
  • Through a multi-format approach you have the ability to not only reach incremental users but also drive more conversions.
  • Broad targeting will allow Snap to do the heavy lifting to optimize your campaigns to find those Snapchatters most likely to convert. 
  • Lastly, our Native Commerce solutions such as, shoppable Lenses AR Experiences, Public Profiles and Native Lead Gen help to shorten the funnel.
Now more than ever, it’s important for advertisers to be ready to engage consumers during the key moments during the holiday season and beyond. Check out this video from our Product team at Snap that covers Snapchat’s commerce solution in the wake of iOS 14.
A privacy first approach is the key to building user trust and engagement. We’re committed to helping brands and businesses find success and growth using the Snapchat advertising platform, and are continuing to build tools, resources and guides to help advertisers adjust to iOS 14 and industry changes moving forward. As we continue to adjust to these new market standards, we’ll be working hard to build solutions that work for your business and drive the results that matter to you as we learn and grow together.

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