Snapchat Ad Objectives

When choosing your ad objective, consider what you want to accomplish with your current campaign. Your ad objective should be the goal you’d most like to achieve, like driving website visits, leads, or sales.

  • Choose the right advertising objective for your Snapchat ad campaign.

  • Learn how to optimize toward your objective using ad formats and goal-based bidding.

How to Choose the Ideal Snapchat Ad Objective

Increase visibility of your product or business with awareness objectives.


Boost recognition and get your products and services seen by more people.

Promote Places

Help local Snapchatters get directions, call your location, or make a reservation.

Connect with customers and elevate interest using consideration objectives.

Drive Traffic to Website or App

Entice Snapchatters to visit your site or app and learn more about your business.

Lead Generation

Capture key customer info to generate sales leads and customer sign ups in just a few taps.

Encourage specific actions that impact your bottom line through conversion objectives.

Website and App Conversions

Drive valuable actions within your website or app, like purchases or sign ups.

Catalog Sales

Upload your product catalog and show relevant products to those who are most likely to buy.

Select Ad Format and Delivery Options That Align With Your Objective

Find the best ad format for your objective

Choose from a variety of ad formats designed to complement your campaign goals. Let’s look at a few examples below.

  • Single Image and Video Ads are the most versatile and can be used across all ad objectives.

  • Collection Ads work well for driving app or website traffic, conversions, and catalog sales.

  • Story Ads are a great option for promoting objectives like awareness, engagement, and lead gen.

Learn how to improve your campaigns with our full list of ad formats that are available to you for each Snapchat Ad objective within Ads Manager.

Set your delivery goal for the result you want

After selecting an objective, use goal-based bidding to show the right ads to Snapchatters who are most likely to be interested.

What goal do you want to aim for?

Allocate your budget toward Snapchatter actions that matter to your business, like making a purchase. Learn more about choosing the right goal-based bidding action.

How much do you want to pay for the action you want?

Specify your cost per action to deliver impressions aimed at achieving that outcome. Learn more about Snapchat’s bidding strategies.

Create an Ad

Success on Snapchat

See how businesses like yours are finding success on Snapchat.

Gymshark successfully engages Snapchatters with Story Ads in its education-led conversion campaign.

2.5x lower cost of sale vs. forecast

100% more purchases vs. forecast

2.5x lower cost per action vs forecast

“Snapchat’s Story Ad worked so well for us, especially with our mix of objectives of trying to educate consumers and generate direct conversions. It also allowed our creative team to develop something different rather than creating a video for us for a Snap Ad." 

– Aleesha Choda, Paid Social Executive

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