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Who's on Snapchat, anyway?

Who's on Snapchat, anyway? Hero
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Don't let age or demographic alone determine the audience you aim to reach. Snapchatters vary widely!

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Snapchatters are highly active multiple times a day. Keep them entertained with engaging, relevant content.

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You can get Snapchatters' attention anytime and anywhere — not just at your key brand moments.

Our audience is growing, and can be found in every corner of the world across a wide range of ages, demographics, and interests. The reasons they use Snapchat are as varied as they are!

But, the consistent thread that connects all Snapchatters together is their love of capturing life's everyday moments, and sharing them with the people that matter. In fact, 86% of Snapchatters have used Snapchat to communicate with friends and family, and many indicated it was their main source of communication with friends.4

I check Snapchat probably around 10 times an hour. It's my main source of communication with all of my friends.4

Avid Snapchatter

For brands and advertisers, understanding how Snapchatters differ from users on other platforms is key to making better, more informed advertising decisions.

First, our community spans a broad age range. A lot of people think it’s just teens who Snap on a regular basis, but our audience is aging up. While we do have a large audience of teens and young adults, more than 50% of daily new Snapchatters in the US are 25 or older.2 Nearly one-third of adult Snapchatters are parents.3

Events, parties, concerts, live events

Another thing that sets Snapchat apart is the amount of time our community spends on the app each day, as well as how they’re using it. Instead of just checking in once or twice, daily active Snapchatters open Snapchat an average of over 18 times every day.1 They send Snaps to friends, watch Shows from brands they love, and catch up on Stories, both from Publishers and Friends alike. Whether at home (81%), at school (64%), at a sports or music event (70%),4 or on the go, Snapchatters use the app wherever they are, spending over 30 minutes per day using it, on average.1


Use Snapchat at home


Of adult Snapchatters are parents


Use Snapchat while watching TV

50% of Snapchatters are 25+

Perhaps most importantly, the reasons people open Snapchat run the gamut from staying in touch (86%), to sharing funny moments (84%), to getting advice from their closest confidants on what to buy (43%).4 For advertisers, that means an opportunity to reach an engaged audience that’s connected at all moments of their day.

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