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August 26, 2022
August 26, 2022

The Next Normal

From vertical video to AR Lenses, the trends being driven now by the Snapchat Generation will define the “next normal” in digital and ecommerce. We share the key insights from the UK that Snapchat has spotted into these generations’ habits in 2020, as well as predictions for what the future holds.
The extraordinary events of 2020 fast-tracked a digital transformation, creating what became known as “the new normal”. But what technology and behaviours will define the next normal?
With an audience made up overwhelmingly of Millennials and Gen Z, Snapchat has some valuable insights to share. These historically large generations already have a combined direct buying power of over $1 trillion1, an amount that is only set to grow as more of them come of age. They are also early adopters whose tech habits are soon taken up by older generations. 
For brands that want to get ready for the next normal, it’s smart to look at how the Snapchat Generation communicate and consume. Below, we share insights into everything from the kind of video they prefer, to who most influences their spending, and how to reach them when they are out and about. To learn more, and get advice from the Snap team on getting future-ready, download our in-depth report, Strategies for the Next Normal.

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