May 21, 2024
May 21, 2024

Snap Announces Partnership with Tealium for Conversions API Integration

Enabling advertisers to pass conversion data to Snap in a seamless and privacy-safe way.

Today, we’re announcing a new partnership and integration with customer data platform Tealium, as we continue our efforts to help advertisers mitigate signal loss, deliver more relevant ads, and drive real business results.

Tealium connects customer data in real time across web, mobile, and offline sources, so businesses can better connect with their customers. With its turnkey integration ecosystem, Tealium helps advertisers make customer data more valuable, actionable, and privacy-compliant.

This partnership now allows both Snap and Tealium clients to quickly implement Snap’s Conversions API (CAPI) signal solution without needing to build a bespoke back-end integration. This will help advertisers better optimize their campaigns, improve targeting, and measure conversions —  all with a simple plug-in.

Tealium’s internal research shows that their technical partnerships can reduce cost per acquisition, improve ROAS, and deliver anywhere from 5-25% average increase in observable conversions¹. For advertisers already passing data to Tealium, this means little or no additional client-side development work and a quick turnaround to set up CAPI.

We are excited to continue our partnership with Snap and further enhance our ability to help businesses understand their customers in a privacy-conscious way. Our aim is to guarantee that regardless of the season or the channels you utilize to engage with your customers, you're using precise, consented data to deliver timely and relevant messages.

Matthew Gray, Global Vice President of Partnerships at Tealium

How Snap CAPI Delivers Value

Recently, an ecommerce advertiser implemented both Snap Pixel and CAPI to promote their cosmetics products on Snapchat, driving efficient performance and meeting aggressive ROAS goals. CAPI specifically led to 25% more attributed purchases, 29% higher purchase value, and a 20% reduction in cost per purchase. Overall, the campaign led to an increase of 54% in ROAS and 271% in total purchases.

How to Get Started

Reach out to your Snap Account Manager or Tealium Customer Success Manager to get started. As part of the integration, Tealium will configure up to five conversion events on behalf of businesses to be sent to Snap for ads measurement. Tealium will also work with businesses to ensure the conversion events meet minimum data validation requirements. For a limited time, Snap will cover implementation fees for selected advertisers for these five events, subject to further terms and conditions.

1 Tealium, A Marketer’s Guide to CAPI and First-Party Data, October 3, 2023.