Insights / November 2017

Snapchatters and Sports: If you build it, they will Snap!

Advertisers don’t have to look much further than Snapchat to reach fans looking to share their love for the game.

Whether it’s professional basketball, football, baseball, soccer, or hockey, Snapchatters generally watch, attend, and stream sports games more than people who don’t use the app. In fact, Snapchatters are 25% more likely to rank “sports” as a category that’s important to them than non-Snapchatters would.2

Snapchatters are more likely to be sports fans than non-Snapchatters

Snapchatters are more likely to be sports fans than non-Snapchatters

And when 60% of our community captures photos and videos to share with friends daily, it’s really no surprise that Snapchatters are on their phones throughout the day — even when they’re watching a live sports event.1 Twice as many Snapchatters share photos of the game than non-Snapchatters do while at live sporting events, and they’re far more active on social media during games than non-Snapchatters who are there live as well.2

Snapchatters are more active on smartphones at live sporting events

More Snapchatters than non-Snapchatters spend most of their mobile time at sporting events on social media

Snapchatters are also loyal fans of their favorite teams. 46% of Snapchatters say they’ve bought their team’s official merch in the past year (vs. 33% of non-Snapchatters), and they spend 56% more of their total sports and entertainment spend on officially-licensed sports apparel than non-Snapchatters.2

Snapchatters feel a stronger connection to sports

Half of Snapchatters connect with family and friends over sports.
Snapchatters prefer to watch highlights than games, know about their favorite athletes, and feel technology helps them follow sports.

As it gets increasingly harder for advertisers to reach audiences during live television broadcasts, being on Snapchat can be a great way to reach those you’re missing. When you build creative that complements sports experiences, you can reach an audience that's willing to jump in and learn more. So whether it's ads that reach Snapchatters in sports-specific Snap Lifestyle Categories, or Filters that run over sports bars or stadiums where the fans are watching, build your creative and they will Snap.

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