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Join us at Advertising Week

Snapchat is making a splash at New York Advertising Week this year!


Advertising Week is a premier event for both media participants and pioneers to engage with, educate and network with some of the leaders in the industry. All programming will be taking place at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square October 1st - 4th 2018

This year Snapchat leaders will be sounding off on a bevy of topics, ranging from how brands are tailoring their marketing message for the modern woman, to how marketers are creating strategies to capture spend from millennials, and how mobile has become the leading platform for consumers getting their news. We are excited to host and be a part of a wide range of speaking engagements this year and look forward to seeing our customers and partners at the show!

Below highlights sessions our team will be participating in throughout the week!

Sessions Hosted by Snap:

Here to Slay: Brands That Know What Women Want

Date & Time: Tuesday, October 2 | 5:00 PM ET

Location: The Walt Disney Company Stage 

Description: Women account for $7 trillion in spending and make or influence 85% of all consumer purchases. With that power, women are demanding that brands understand and speak to them in a way that demonstrates they understand who they are. Hear from female marketers who know a thing or two about about marketing to the modern woman and how they are using platforms like Snapchat to effectively communicate and grow their business.


  • Amy Moussavi, Global Head of Consumer Insights, Snap Inc.

  • Alyssa Perry, Sr. Director, Acquisition Marketing, FabFitFun

  • Kim Kreuzberger, Chief Revenue Officer, Goop

Coming of Age: Millennials and Marketers on Snapchat

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 3 | 9:30 AM ET

Location: Target Media Network Stage @ IMAX

Description: Millennials represent the largest population cohort ever, making up almost half of the global adult population. Their credit card spending is outpacing the rest of the population and by 2029, millennials will control the largest share of disposable income in the US. Hear how Curology, Chubbies and Inkbox are creating marketing strategies specifically aimed at capturing millennial wallet share and hear how Snapchat is providing advertisers with solutions to engage this unique audience.


  • Imran Khan, Chief Strategy Officer, Snap Inc.

  • Tyler Handley, CEO & Co-Founder, Inkbox

  • Fabian Seelbach, SVP Marketing, Curology

  • Tom Montgomery, CMO & CTO, Chubbies

  • Moderator: Joanna Coles, Executive Producer The Bold Type

How Jordan Brand Wins the Snapchat Game

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 3 | 11:00 AM ET

Location: The Walt Disney Company Stage

Description: Jordan Brand Head of Digital and Snapchat Head of Creative Strategy discuss how the retailer uses innovative features and creative focus to set the mobile standard for brands.


  • Jeff Miller, Global Head of Creative Strategy, Snap Inc.

  • Dan Harbison, Global Senior Director of Digital, Jordan Brand

News on Mobile: Formats That Work

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 3 | 12:30 PM ET

Location: Culture Stage 

Description: Informing young news consumers about the issues and topics that matter to them is more important than ever -- and it means learning how to produce effectively on mobile. Snapchat has been focused on providing credible news to users for years, and its news content offerings, such as NBC’s Stay Tuned and Snap’s own original series Good Luck America, reach millions of viewers daily. Hear Snap’s Claire Valoti moderate a discussion with the hosts of those shows about the future of news on mobile.


  • Claire Valoti, VP, International Business Solutions, Snap Inc.

  • Savannah Sellers, Host, NBC's Stay Tuned

  • Gadi Schwartz, Host, NBC's Stay Tuned

  • Peter Hamby, Host, Good Luck America

How Snapchat Brings Fans The Sports Moments That Matter

Date & Time: Thursday, October 4 | 2:30 PM ET

Location: Target Media Network Stage @ IMAX

Description: While the rise of mobile has disrupted the consumption habits of millennials and Gen Z, some content is still enjoyed best on a big screen. Most sports fans still want to watch their favorite teams live at the event or on TV, and want mobile offerings that complement those experiences. Hear from Snap's VP of Content, Nick Bell, about how Snapchat is becoming the platform that has figured out how to work with every major player in the sports landscape, and takeaways from the 2018 Olympics, the World Cup and other major moments.


  • Nick Bell, VP, Content, Snap Inc.

  • Jean Francois Pathy, Director of Marketing for FIFA

  • Andrew Hawkins, former NFL wide receiver, ESPN NFL analyst and host of ESPN's SportsCenter on Snapchat

  • Melissa Brenner, EVP of Digital Media, NBA

  • Marc Kohn, Chief Content Officer for Overtime

Other Sessions Featuring Snap Team Members:

What Can You Really Say in Six Seconds…?

Date & Time: Tuesday, October 2 | 9:30 AM ET

Location: Twitter Stage

Description: The fixation with six-second video is permeating the digital media ecosystem, leaving brand marketers, agencies, publishers and content creators alike vulnerable to the bandwagon of the industry’s newest shiny toy on the shelf. While overcoming users’ short attention spans is essential for marketers to succeed, is the six-second video the answer? Join leaders in video advertising to discuss this latest trend, share tips to deliver brand engagement, and uncover what drives real success.


  • Adam Singolda, Founder and CEO, Taboola 

  • Rachel Bien, SVP, Strategy, Blue 449 USA 

  • Stacy Minero, Head of Content Creation, Twitter 

  • Kaitlin McGirl, Creative Strategy Lead, East Coast, Snap Inc. 

The Future of Video Advertising

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 3 | 10:30 AM ET

Location: Culture Stage 

Description: Chief multiplatform executives explore the best business models and audience engagement strategies for various TV services, spanning pay TV, ad-supported OTT and subscription-based models. Find out how the traditional TV market may reinvent and maintain itself in a world of streaming. Learn how will trust play a role in the way television and online video advertising come together.


  • Stefanie Kane, Media and Telco Strategy Leader, PwC

  • David Levy, EVP, Non-Linear Revenue, Fox Networks Group

  • Krishan Bhatia, EVP, Business Operations & Strategy, NBCUniversal 

  • Brett Wein, Head of East Coast Business Solutions, Snap Inc. 

Goodbye to Humanity, the Future is Artificial and Virtual

Date & Time: Wednesday October 3 | 4:00 PM ET 

Location: The Walt Disney Company Stage 

Description: Artificial and virtual reality have allowed for an escape from the everyday world - enabling consumers to enter a stimulated environment defined by a brand or marketer. As the backend technology advances, these realities will become part of our everyday. Join these panelists as we prepare to say goodbye to life as we know it.


  • Bennett Bennett, Staff Writer, The Drum 

  • Geoffrey Colon, Head of Brand Studio, Microsoft Advertising 

  • Alan Cook, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting 

  • Carolina Arguelles, Lead for Augmented Reality, Product Marketing, Snap Inc.