March 26, 2024
March 26, 2024

Snap Partners With Integral Ad Science, Announces New Brand Safety Solutions

Snapchat was designed from the beginning to be different from traditional social media — a place for people to express themselves without the pressure to grow a following or compete for likes. We have built safety into the fundamental architecture of our platform and have a long-standing commitment to providing a healthy and brand-safe experience for our community and partners. Today, we’re taking that commitment a step further by:

Partnering With Integral Ad Science (IAS) to Develop Brand Safety Solutions

We are announcing a partnership with IAS, a leading global media measurement and optimization platform, to jointly develop a new brand safety reporting solution that will give advertisers transparency into the percentage of safe and suitable content their ads are appearing against. This will be aligned to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) framework for brand suitability, and will be available to all advertisers in the coming months.

We are excited to partner with Snap to deliver best-in-class measurement solutions for marketers to safeguard and scale their businesses on Snapchat. Snap is focused on developing ad offerings in a premium and safe content ecosystem, and our partnership will give advertisers actionable data to maximize their investment across Snapchat.

Lisa Utzschneider, CEO of IAS

We also recently worked with IAS to conduct a measurement sample study on the advertiser suitability of our public content, specifically Spotlight and Creator Stories. In the study results, IAS found that both Spotlight and Creator content on Snapchat is 99% brand safe.¹

We are confident that our platform provides a premium, brand-safe advertising experience based on these results, and remain committed to establishing a broader ecosystem of brand safety measurement solutions later in the year.

Giving Advertisers More Control via Snapchat’s Safety Solutions

We’re also giving advertisers brand safety controls at the campaign level when launching new campaigns. This first-party tool will allow advertisers to ensure their ads are shown alongside only the most premiere content on our platform, specifically for creator mid-roll ads.

We launched the Creator Stories placement last year, which allows advertisers to place ads within creator content. In order to provide advertisers with more control when placing ads in this type of content, we’ve created a brand safety tool that will give advertisers the choice to add an extra layer of protection. When the filter is turned on, ads will appear near content that has passed additional brand safety content moderation filters. Otherwise, ads will be shown next to all available inventory.

We will be further enhancing this solution over the coming months, with the goal of providing additional transparency and sophistication later in the year.

Continuing Our Work to Make Snapchat the Safer Platform

We remain committed to prioritizing a safe environment for everyone on Snapchat. This includes greater participation in GARM’s Aggregated Measurement Reporting and expanding upon our existing brand safety solutions and partnerships.

For more information, take a deeper look at our brand safety approach here. We look forward to sharing more as our work in this space continues.

1 “Brand Safety” is based on the GARM standard, only considering content classified at the “Floor” risk-levels . “Creator content” is image and video user-generated content posted to Public Stories; IAS sampled a wide variety of creators in the U.S. to ensure a representative sample. Spotlight content is user-generated video content that appears in the Spotlight tab on Snapchat; IAS audited content from US, CA, GB, UK, NZ, AU markets. IAS audited both Spotlight and Creator content from Oct 30, 2023 - Jan 2, 2024.