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November 5, 2019
November 5, 2019

Snap Chatter — October 2019: Joker, National Boyfriend Day, Halloween, Diwali, and ‘Vibe Check’

This month, Snapchatters put on their happy faces, celebrated baes, boos, and new beginnings, and got in touch with their feelings.
Global: Trending Topics
Snapchatters around the world had plenty of reasons to celebrate in October. Thanksgiving had Canadians counting blessings over calories. The very first Riyadh Season kicked off a three month-long party for Saudi Snapchatters, while Diwali lit up the night in India. And as Snapchatters in the US gave their bae a little extra love, extra spooks were the focus for Snapchatters in Australia, France, and Germany during Halloween.
US: Trending Topics
US Snapchatters rallied for love this month, from National Boyfriend and Girlfriend Days to National Coming Out Day. National Taco Day delighted foodies fiending for some Mexican cuisine, while peanuts and crackerjacks fueled Nationals and Astros fans during the World Series. High schoolers powered through the PSAT and started thinking about their futures. Halloween got a lot of hype as the month came to a close, with Snapchatters squeezing in time to decorate their cars for Trunk or Treat and stockpiling candy for spooky baskets. Diwali was also a hit in the US, prompting a period of reflection and preparation for new beginnings. 
US: Trending Entertainment
October was the month Snapchatters went back for seconds. Gemini Man had Snapchatters seeing double of the Smith family patriarch. Jesse Pinkman fans got some closure with Netflix’s “Breaking Bad” follow-up film El Camino. Snapchatters were also excited for sequels and new seasons in October, streaming fresh episodes of “All American” and revisiting a favorite film saga with Zombieland: Double Tap. Speaking of tapping, the release of Call of Duty: Mobile and Photo Roulette took over the palms of mobile players everywhere while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare drew gamers back to their consoles.
US: Trending Celebrities
Baseball and new bops were on the mind for Snapchatters this month. Phillies right fielder Bryce Harper couldn’t escape the trolls after his former team, the Nationals, won their first World Series without him. In music, R&B singer Summer Walker released her debut studio album, and Kanye West finally delivered his long-awaited gospel album. Former One Direction linchpin Harry Styles dropped his new single “Lights Up”, and My Chemical Romance announced a reunion show just in time for Halloween. In the midst of all these new jams, Snapchatters dialed the volume down to pay their respects to the late John Witherspoon.
US: Trending Slang
Like so many phrases these days, “vibe check” found its origin in the world of memes. Often used ironically, Snapchatters might shout out this slang term as a warning that trouble is a-brewing. “Vibe check” may also be used simply to get a pulse on someone’s mood.
India Spotlight: Trending Topics
A number of cultural events and festivities drew the crowds in India this month. People participated in their local elections, Dussehra marked the end of Navarati celebrations, and Joker spread spooky vibes in time for Halloween. Rising levels of pollution had Snapchatters paying extra attention to their surroundings. After weeks of cleaning and decorating their homes with Rangoli for Dhanteras, Snapchatters gathered together to celebrate new beginnings during Diwali.  

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1Source: Internal Snapchat Search and Sticker Search data, October 2019; Public Snaps & Our Story Submissions Only